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Trusted by Companies Across the Globe

They save time, boost operational efficiencies, and improve their profitability.

Trusted by Companies Across the Globe


Rethink How You Oversee Operations

Don’t just present facts and wait for human interaction. EPIC iO helps boost your productivity and effectiveness by turning mounds of data into useful info instantly and proactively driving appropriate actions.

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Our Solution

Everything You Need to Elevate Operational Excellence

By using EPIC iO you can uncover patterns, generate predictions, and inform action. Our architecture can quickly design, develop, and deploy, helping companies achieve the following:​


Higher productivity

Better data management and analytics

Time, money, and resource savings

Smarter decision making

Advantages and Benefits

Technology That Goes Beyond Data Capture

Cross Carrier Data Pooling

Aggregate mobile data allowances across different carriers for the best connectivity, efficient data plan usage, and eliminate overages.


Bridge to existing systems using carrier and device-agnostic solutions that communicate, while preserving data integrity.

Edge Computing

Speed, accuracy, and scalability come from acting on data at its source, right at the edge of the network.

Learned and Predictive Intelligence

DeepInsights™ uses statistical modeling, data mining, and machine learning to identify risks and opportunities.​

Centralized End-to-End Management

Unify and scale your operations using DeepInsights™ to fuse data from cameras, IoT sensors, and third-party data.

Tailor-Made and Versatile

Completely configurable to the client's needs and adaptable to any sector, industry, or environment.

What Sets EPIC iO Apart

Delivering tangible outcomes.

Lyna-DITentacles-EPICiO (1080 x 1080)
  • Unbreakable

    Unbreakable connectivity

  • Cross

    Cross carrier data pooling

  • Edge

    Edge computing, device agnostic

  • Live

    Live video with instant AI analytics

  • Real-time

    Real-Time, alerts, and corrective response actions

  • AI

    AI-powered rules engine, data visualization

  • Customizable

    Tailor-made dashboard to make data-backed decisions

  • Scalable

    Scalable, integrated, interoperable end-to-end solution

Platform and Products

Modular and Scalable System to Cover Any Need

Our agile architecture enables rapid design, development, and deployment, empowering companies to streamline processes, boost operational efficiency, and adapt swiftly to dynamic market demands.

Smart Cities
  • Live Security Alerting

  • Forensic Security Review

  • Safe Parks

  • Intelligent Transportation

  • Smart Parking

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Water Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring

Smart Environments
  • Live Security Alerting

  • Forensic Security Review

  • Vaping and THC Detection

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Watchlist/Safety Threats

  • Fire Detection and Alert

Smart Retail
  • Shelf Access Trends

  • Foot Traffic Heat Map

  • Loss Prevention

  • Queue Monitoring

  • Parking Lot Occupancy

  • Parking Lot Safety

  • License Plate Logging

  • Restricted Area Security

  • Cold Storage Monitoring

Smart Utilities
  • Live Security Alerting

  • Sensor Monitoring

  • SCADA Integration

  • Remote Surveillance

  • Thermal AI Monitoring

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Infrastructure Conditions

  • Equipment Monitoring

Smart Healthcare
  • Patient Monitoring

  • Slip and Fall Detection

  • Cold Storage Monitoring

  • Private Cellular Network

  • Patient and Staff Safety

  • HIPAA Compliant

Tailor-Made Solutions

Created to suit the specific needs unique to each environment.

  • Construction equipment icon: A simple graphic representing various tools and machinery used in construction projects.


  • Finance


  • Hotel icon vector: A simple, elegant icon representing a hotel. Perfect for use in websites, apps, or any hospitality-related design.


  • A knife and fork resting on a plate, ready for a meal.

    Quick Service Restaurants

  • An open book icon on a black background, representing education.


  • A building with a flag on top, symbolizing Government.


  • Law Enforcement Industry (3)

    Law Enforcement

  • A simple shopping bag icon, representing the concept of shopping or purchasing goods.


  • An icon of a light bulb, representing energy.

    Energy and Utilities

  • A heart-shaped symbol with a cross in the center, representing Health Care.


  • Factory icon symbolizing Manufacturing.


  • And so much more...

Awards and Recognition

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Group 39675
smart 50 awards
2020 Winner MSP 501
Cordoba Award



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