SMARTER: The synergy of AI and IoT to tackle complex issues

Has your organization been experiencing higher energy utility bills than usual? Ideally, you will have a system in place to help you run your equipment more efficiently while still maintaining your current operational capacity.

That’s easier said than done, of course: Do more with what you currently have. Clearly, it’s important to have as efficient a system as possible, that relies on the latest in technology for connecting information systems and uses less power.

Prudent owners, operators, and managers will not wait until their accounting department analyzes current power utility bills to realize that things are not working as efficiently as they can.

Noting a rise in bills is an important signal about how well you are using energy in your organization, but there is a much smarter and more proactive approach that you and your team can take. This is why so many businesses are turning to the Internet of Things or IoT devices to improve the way they use power.

Monitoring Energy Used In and Around Your Building

Working with customers over the years, we’ve found that one of the major use cases for IoT facility management is in monitoring how much energy a customer uses in and around a building.

By using these sensors with our artificial intelligence system, DeepInsights™ allows you to view and improve your organization’s energy usage.

With a multi-sensor approach, you can avoid heating and lighting rooms when no one is inside them. You can also will view which rooms receive the most foot traffic, so you can divert more resources there. Not only will this save you money (and energy), you can see how it will benefit the environment since you will no longer be wasting so many resources.

Tracking Energy Usage on a Unit-by-Unit Basis at a Facility

Sometimes, it makes sense to divide your facility into multiple units within a given building. In fact, many landlords already rely on this approach for cost savings. When you can track how much energy is being used by certain units in one building, you can offer more competitive rates to different tenants.

This method of determining energy use and costs is beneficial to companies too, even if they are not operating as landlords, as they can compare how much energy different departments are using. For example, accounting and customer support, and human resources may have different energy expenditure rates. Then, you can compare to see how you can make further improvements with the help of IoT sensors monitoring consumption patterns as well as employee movement and resource utilization.

With the rise of food-delivery apps that bring restaurant meals to customers on demand, there has been an increase in the growth of “ghost kitchens” in the United States. These businesses are able to operate leanly and nimbly, only needing kitchen space to process app-based orders of meals, with no sit-down service offered. EPIC iO has worked with multiple ghost kitchens so they can more easily charge their tenants just for the natural gas and electricity they use in each unit.

Keep in mind that organizations can achieve this just by using one sensor. When you use multiple sensors in this regard, you can gain even better and more actionable insight.

An AI-Fueled Platform to Manage Your IoT System With Ease

EPIC iO is proud of the reputation we’ve earned in the industry for being the foremost provider of IoT and artificial intelligence solutions.

We created the DeepInsights™ Platform, which relies on a user-friendly dashboard to link data from integrated connected IoT devices, video, and artificial intelligence, connecting the cloud to core to edge. The AI provides actionable insight into the stream of data coming from the connected sensors in your building, providing a more complete picture of what is happening 24/7.

Best of all, it functions seamlessly with most legacy sensors as well as the most modern IoT devices. This means you can see at a glance such details as:

* Rooms with the highest levels of traffic

* Rooms that use the most energy (such as for meetings or assembling items)

* Underutilized areas that your planning team can now use more wisely

At the very least, you will stop heating and cooling rooms when groups of people have stopped using them for the day, and you won’t be burning out lights (or wasting electricity) to brighten up spaces when there is no traffic in them. A network of connected sensors and a system that uses AI to keep better track of what’s being used and when will be enormously helpful to your facilities manager.

Doing Your Part To Conserve Natural Resources Thanks to IoT Devices Designed for Promoting Energy Efficiency

Many organizations are finding it beneficial to “go green” and make good on their commitment to improve the environment. Not only can they save money on their power utility bills, they can instill a sense of pride amongst employees, customers and investors because of their efforts to be more energy-efficient.

However, if you are just starting out in using Internet of Things devices to take on such complex tasks as monitoring energy usage and reducing how much energy you require, and more thoughtfully, you might be in need of some assistance from IoT experts.

The professionals at EPIC iO are standing by to assist you. We are experts in developing artificial intelligence and IoT-based solutions, which is leveraged through the DeepInsights™ Platform we developed. For more information about IoT systems to boost energy efficiency or to consult with us on setting up IoT devices for this purpose, please get in touch with EPIC iO today.

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