SMART experiences

Better Data. Better Outcomes.

Harness the power of precise data for unparalleled insights, efficiency, and success​.


Data Empowers Human Excellence

Unlocking the power of real-time data, smart technologies transform work, empowering your human workforce to focus on the areas where human skills are particularly valuable relationship building, intuitive decisions, empathy, and problem-solving enhancing overall work effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Advantages and Benefits
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Automate Daily Operations

Replace mundane tasks across all business functions so your staff can focus on revenue-generating or more complex activities.

Easily create automation rules

Reduce human error

Save time and money

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Increase Productivity

Analyzing and acting upon data at the source rapidly unveils efficiencies, reducing the need for manual intervention, and ultimately streamlining tasks.

Robust rules-based engine

Avoids rework and delays

Takes immediate action

Scalable and flexible

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Enhance Satisfaction

Smart tech eases workloads and streamlines tasks reducing stress for a more balanced and productive work environment.

Eliminates mundane

Focus on the purposeful

Positive impact on workers' wellbeing

Boost morale

Smart Tech Delivers Impressive ROI Boosters

Interconnecting operational ecosystems with AI-powered technology unveils new opportunities, efficiencies,

and a competitive edge, yielding immediate savings, and enduring value.

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Save Energy

Smart tech cuts costs with weather-savvy, time-sensitive, and capacity-responsive solutions, automating data-driven actions and reducing the need for manual intervention.

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Detect and Prevent

Maintain security and vigilance with instant alerts for security threats or equipment issues. Monitor large areas effortlessly from a single screen 24/7.

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Increase Visibility

Harness accurate, real-time metrics across multiple locations and operational factors to pinpoint areas of improvement, driving operational savings with precision.

What Sets EPIC iO Apart

Our patented, AI-powered rules engine revolutionizes data interpretation, action-based performance, and decision-making in real-time while centralizing enterprise-wide operations from a single platform.

Open and interoperable platform

Uniquely combines sensors with high-resolution smart cameras

Remote, real-time monitoring, and alert notification

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"We will be able to produce real-time traffic data that can aid in our planning for future traffic and roadway projects."

Sean Scully, City Manager, City of Riverbank

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