Private, Wireless Connectivity

Uninterruptible Wireless Connectivity

EPIC iO defies traditional network limits, tapping multiple carriers for unbeatable capacity, speed, and reliability regardless if you’re remote, or not.

What Sets EPIC iO Apart

Improves performance and reduces cost by thirty percent.

Flexible and Tailored to Needs

Rules Driven Intelligence

Dedicated Professional Service

Multi-Carrier Redundancy

Simplifies Data Pooling

The Most Comprehensive Suite of Wireless Solutions

Experience the ultimate in secure, fast, and unbreakable 4G/5G wireless connectivity, with rapid deployment and robust analytics.

Keeping you connected no matter where and when you need it.

Wireless Wide Area Network

Unifies disparate wireless technologies in single infrastructure

  • Eliminate wired connection constraints
  • Secure connection for remote work
  • Offer networking services beyond communication
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Private Cellular Network

A private wireless network for business-critical needs

  • High reliability, low latency
  • High bandwidth, maximum capacity, broad coverage
  • Control who and which devices can connect
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Bonded Connectivity

Bonded solutions combine the speeds of 2-4 circuits together

  • Superior mobility performance
  • Carrier diverse redundancy
  • Enhanced performance at mission critical locations
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Primary 4G/5G Internet

Flexible, reliable wireless alternative to broadband

  • Power your day-to-day operations or simply use for failover 
  • Quick deployment
  • Fast, secure, reliable connectivity
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POTS Replacement

Replace expensive, outdated analog infrastructure with 4G/5G + internet

  • Dependable connectivity for critical, lifesaving situations
  • Fire, elevator, alarms, VoLTE, Voice LTE
  • 2 solutions, 1 price
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Temporary Internet

Short-term internet and video transport solution

  • Bonded 4G/5G
  • Dedicated internet and ethernet WAN
  • Stable and consistent performance
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Advantages and Benefits

Global Connectivity

Remove Complexity of Global Connectivity

Global enterprise businesses demand a secure, reliable internet connection. EPIC iO makes it simple.

Multi-IMSI single SIM technology
600+ carriers, one contract, one monthly bill
Manage entire network from single platform
Reliable connectivity in 190+ countries
Provides enterprise grade connectivity on the go
A hand gently touching a globe with intricate network lines and dots, symbolizing global connectivity.
City connected to the internet, showcasing the digital connectivity of the bustling urban landscape.


Keeping Organizations
Connected On-the-Go

Tailored services that grow with your company enabling seamless expansion and connectivity.

Business grade performance for mobile assets
Enterprise grade security
Powerful network amplification and performance
Public safety and mobile health proven
Leading Gas and Oil Company

"Getting reliable connectivity for all of our sites, especially in a challenging outdoor environment, was an ongoing challenge for our company. Simply put, the EPIC iO solution just works, we’re going to use this at all our sites”

— Senior Executive, Leading Company in the Gas and Oil Sector

Back Up Connectivity

Network Failover Solutions

Stay seamlessly connected to essential data and tools that fuel daily efficiency with wireless 4G/5G backup.

Automatic failover protection
Multi-carrier networks for reliability
Notifications of failover
Continuous operations and access
Meeting room with team members having discussion
A network diagram illustrating multiple cloud computing networks interconnected with each other.

Always On Connectivity

Ensure Business Continuity

Internet outages can disrupt communication, delay orders, delay inquiries reduce productivity, and profitability, and damage reputations. Dependable wireless connectivity mitigates your risk.

Automatic backup connection even when power goes down
Diverse internet path
Centralized operations and preventive management

First Responders

Critical Public Safety Connectivity

For emergency services and critical infrastructure. Equip first responders with secure, dedicated connectivity facilitating communications and coordination during emergencies or large-scale events for faster, life-saving responses.

Prioritized, reliable nationwide coverage
Secured bands of coverage for full protection and uniterruped connection
Real-time text/voice, images, video, and location info for rapid emergency response
A fire fighter holding a tablet, possibly using it for emergency response coordination or accessing critical information.

Customer Spotlight

Discover how EPIC iO customers created more connected environments.

Feld Entertainment