Cleaner Rooms. Safer Food.

Eliminate infectious bacteria and bad smells with an AI-driven, FDA-approved technology, portable, self-contained unit.

epic io aura

Reach Your Environmental Sanitization Goals

Research shows people and businesses have a false sense of security when it comes to germs.


Gym showers hold 1.2M germs in every 6x6 square inch of space

1 in 25

The ratio of patients catching something while in a healthcare facility


The number of students who pick up something per school, every day

Advantages & Benefits

Disinfect. Sanitize. Deodorize.

It’s impractical to disinfect every square inch of a room. EPIC iO AURA™ transforms the air to disinfect every surface it touches.

Healthier rooms free of disease and odors

Kills: MRSA, Norovirus, RSV, Influenza, Coronavirus, Strep, Athlete’s Foot, Staph and more

Destroys odors, including those from smoking and sweat

Runs safely every night with detailed reports

Yoga class in place with Petri dishes showing difference in yoga mat cleanliness before and after Aura™ use
AURA - Reaches Everywhere

Reaches Everywhere

It’s impractical to disinfect every square inch of a room. EPIC iO AURA™ transforms the air to disinfect every surface it touches.

Fully autonomous, requiring no maintenance or refills

Treats 2,000 square feet per unit

Safe and chemical-free

Naturally converts back into pure oxygen by the morning

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"If you smell sweat then your equipment is still covered in bacteria. We knew we needed to disinfect deeper and more frequently, and not just high-touch areas. EPIC iO AURA runs for hours every single night creating a safe and fresh environment every morning."

Donnie Howell, Owner, Boom Fitness Culture

Decontaminating Rental Units

Cycling misused properties is painful.

For property managers and affordable housing agencies
Preparing properties for healthier and fresher spaces
Runs for hours or days depending on severity
Remotely monitor to know when the room is ready
Wide view of rental buildings

One Unit. Multiple Uses.

Fully autonomous unit designed for versatile spaces.

Healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, and daycares
Showers, locker rooms, and public restrooms
Offices, transportation areas, and cruise ships
Cold storage and more

Reduces Foodborne Illnesses

Destroys microorganisms that cause illnesses and spoil food.

For cold storage rooms and refrigerated transport
Eliminates E. Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Norovirus and more
Sanitize all surfaces: produce, containers, floors, and walls
Extends shelf-life and reduces waste
Man holding a glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other as he smokes outside

Kills the Stink

Removes odors from cigarettes in just 2 hours.

Hotels spend $5.4B annually removing tobacco smell
1 in 4 guest reviews mention tobacco smell as an issue
Eliminates bacteria, fungi and musty odors too

Addressing the Broader Challenges of Enterprise Biosecurity

EPIC iO AURA leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to kill the microorganisms that seek to harm us and our food supply. It is the only disinfection appliance of its kind to incorporate sensors to track delivered dosages and effectiveness which can be tracked over time to verify improvement.

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Destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi
Sanitizes all surfaces, crevices, and porous materials
No environmental impact

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