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EPIC iO AURA uses AI and IoT to protect people, food, and property from infectious diseases.

It is autonomous and requires zero human effort. Set it, forget it.

Let over-stretched janitorial staff focus on what we can all see. Let EPIC iO AURA focus on what we can’t.

Built on our open AI and IoT platform, DeepInsights, EPIC iO AURA redefines hygiene in a closer, post-COVID world.


EPIC iO AURA is used in spaces where people gather.

Buildings like healthcare, education, and athletics.

Transport such as buses, rail, planes, and cruise ships.

It is also used in cold storage to protect the food chain by destroying food safety and spoilage bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


EPIC iO AURA is a sanitizing appliance. It modifies the atmosphere in a room with very low and safe levels of ozone, transforming the air into a powerful disinfectant that destroys microorganisms on all surfaces.

Fully autonomous, it is dependable and thorough, decontaminating every square inch, boldly going where no disinfectant has gone before.

Oh, and expect a fresh smelling room when you re-enter.


The appliance is only used in unoccupied rooms. And because the sanitation crew is not involved in running the unit, unlike other manual disinfection methods, it poses no respiratory, skin, or eye risks to them.

In addition to clear DO NOT ENTER warning signs at the entrance, it has dedicated motion safety sensors and alarms. Finally, unlike chemical disinfectants, it leaves no residue except fresh oxygen.

EPIC iO AURA has been tested both in academic biosecure labs and in the field.

For general spaces, you can expect microbial log reductions in MRSA, Norovirus, SARS-CoV-2, Streptococcus, Influenza and more. For athletics add the fungi that cause ringworm and athlete’s foot.

For food safety you should expect reductions in E. coli, Salmonella spp., and Listeria mono. Finally, for food spoilage EPIC iO AURA will inactivate microbes such as Pseudomonas, Bacillus subtilis and Lactococcus lacti.

We have optimized EPIC iO AURA to deliver very low and safe concentrations for long periods, typically overnight. This is what makes it unique.

Through extensive research and tests, we identified concentrations that are in the sweet spot – low enough to be safe, but high enough to destroy germs.

EPIC iO AURA uses AI and IoT through DeepInsights to control ozone.



Want realtime status updates and reports from your EPIC iO AURA?

Simply use the built-in WiFi.

Or if you’d rather to keep it off your own network, use our multi-carrier cellular router to securely connect it to the cloud with a data plan right-sized for the task. Multiple AURA units can share a router, or they can have their own.


Mount on a wall or ceiling. Position it far away from the HVAC return vent so it rides the natural flow of air, or near the center of the room.

Mount Unit
Power Up
Log In
Connect unit to Network
Configure it & you’re done

EPIC iO AURA Resources

Discover more about our hands-free disinfection solution, the EPIC iO AURA in our resource library. Here you will find everything you need to run and maintain your device.


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