Bonded Connectivity​

Increase Bandwidth.
Boost Speeds Anywhere.

EPIC iO harnesses the power of 5G delivering the fastest available internet speeds and reliability by seamlessly bonding multiple carrier signals into one single connection.

Elevate Connectivity Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency

Unleash the power of bonded connectivity.​

More Bandwidth

Ensures fast data transfer rates for large file uploads, video streaming, or online communication.


Empowering security with robust redundancy, encryption, resilience, and vigilant monitoring for uncompromising protection.

Load Balancing

Distribute traffic across connections, mitigate overload risks, and isolate potential threats for seamless performance and enhanced security.


Eliminates dependency on a high-cost single connection, allows for multiple low-cost connections with comparable performance.​

Optimal Performance

Multiple connections ensure more stable performance, uninterrupted connectivity, and reduces latency.


Easily adapts network infrastructure to changing needs by adding or removing connections as demanded.


Enhanced Data Security

Fortifies security through redundancy, encryption, resilience, and vigilant monitoring ensuring uninterrupted data integrity and robust defense against evolving cyber security threats.​

Adaptability to security protocols
256-bit AES encryption
Each WAN source has dual-honed tunnels
Connected POS option, PCI compliant

Carrier Redundancy

Fortify your business's network connections against potential disruptions, equipment failures, or regional outages.

Enhances reliability

Dynamically reroutes traffic through most efficient path

Maintaines consistent speeds and responsiveness

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Engineered Solution

EPIC iO's carefully designed approach, bolstered by specialized technologies and advance network protocols guarantees optimal performance tailored to your specific needs​.

Unparalleled reliability
Increased bandwidth capacity
Reduced latency

Data Access

Ensure your data is always within reach, secure, and quickly accessible.

Seamless data access across geographies
Improved productivity
Faster decision making
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Information Exchange

Enhance collaboration, informed decisions, and competitiveness with a more reliable, faster data transmission.

Seamlessly communications among teams across multiple locations
Respond swiftly to customer needs
Enhanced agility and efficiency
Fast. Easy. Flexible.

Perfect for Temporary Deployments

Designed to be set up quickly and easily makes bonded connections perfect for temporary deployments where time is limited, and efficient network deployment is essential. Bonded connectivity allows for flexibility as it can adapt to different network conditions without a significant impact on performance.​

Construction Sites

Connectivity to support large job sites, with multiple users, and high-bandwidth needs.

Critical Business Applications, Surveillance Cameras, WiFi, Video Conferencing, Email, and IP Phones

Large Events, Concerts, Fairs​

WAN smoothing for high performance, best speeds for branded public WiFi, solid connectivity, and port access for supporting critical applications.

POS, Ticketing, and ATMs

Disaster Recovery

Deploy temporary connectivity in mobile command centers for real-time communication, data exchange, and coordination during disaster response efforts.

Ruggedized Industrial Design

A Valuable Solution for Permanent Operations

Bonded networks bring positive and significant change to the connectivity landscape of permanent deployments across many industry needs.​​

A heart-shaped symbol with a cross in the center, representing Health Care.


Provides robust, secure data transmissions supporting electronic health records, telemedicine, and medical imaging.​

Edge Computing

Smart City and IoT

Permanent installations of smart city infrastructure, including IoT devices and sensors, ensure efficient data communication bonded connectivity.

A simple shopping bag icon, representing the concept of shopping or purchasing goods.


Optimizes performance for services with fluctuating or high network traffic through load balancing.

Cross Carrier Data Pooling


Bonded connectivity boosts reliability and elevates performance, vital in high-user density or dynamic network conditions.​​

People Detection Counting Crowd Detection Purple

Media and Entertainment

In high data transfer rate environments, our solution provides essential bandwidth for all operations.

Centralized End to End Management

Industrial Complexes

Enhance security with permanent video surveillance installations, supported by bonded connectivity for clear, low-latency video feeds.

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