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Safer, Smarter, and More Connected Construction Sites

Advantages and Benefits

Remote Construction Site Connectivity

Avoid costly, vulnerable, and slow-to-deploy temporary circuits. EPIC iO's 4G/5G primary access gives you unbreakable, site-specific access.

Rapidly deployed in DAYS (not weeks or months)
Single, on-premise box
White/Black list sites to control overage
Easily add 24/7 perimeter and entry security
Civil engineer or architect on construction site checking tablet

Reduce Liabilities

Reduce the risk of accidents, unauthorized access, and potential legal liabilities with GPS-based geo-fencing.

Define work vs restricted zones
Monitor speed limits
Customize triggers
Instant Alerts

Centralized Management

Don’t just present facts and wait for human interaction. EPIC iO helps boost your productivity and effectiveness by turning mounds of data into useful info instantly and proactively driving appropriate actions.


Higher productivity

Better data management and analytics

Time, money, and resource savings

Smarter decision making

Three workers in hard hats and safety vests collaborating on a laptop at a construction site.

Stop Costly Theft and Vandalism

Combat with 24/7 surveillance tools designed to detect and deter unwanted activity even when you are not there.

Audiovisual deterrents to scare intrudes away
Instantly alerts authorities
Live and recorded video

Monitor Environmental Conditions

Avert potential disasters by actively monitoring conditions that impact both structural integrity and workers' well-being.

Temperature, humidity, and pressure
Sensors: self-calibration and fault detection
Real-time data on crucial variables
Smart civil architect engineer inspecting and working outdoors structure building site with blueprints. engineering and architecture concept.

Customer Use Case

Many different multiclored colorful heavy industrial machinery equipment at construction site parking area against warehouse building city infrastructure development

Fast Deployment and Reliable Connectivity for a Construction Firm:

A Southeastern construction firm approached EPIC iO to find a reliable connectivity solution for their on-site construction offices across several states, including remote locations.

The firm deployed 25 EPIC iO dual SIM routers with managed, pooled rate plans (30GB monthly data plan) for data access across all project sites. The customer has successfully expanded their deployment to over 50 sites.

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