Smarter, Safer Utility Infrastructures

Regain Visibility and Control

Master the challenge of managing and securing expansive, remote, and vulnerable public utility infrastructures with advanced AI-powered technologies.

Safer, Smarter, and More Connected Public Utility Infrastructures

Construction site illustration showing various technologies used for automation, security and monitoring.

Improve Operational Performance and Safety

Gain a competitive edge. Tap into new technologies to improve operational efficiencies, workforce safety, and swift detection of issues, whether it be leaks, environmental glitches, or internet failures.

Operational Efficiency

Leverage real-time data for proactive automation and data-backed decisions to drive better outcomes.

Environmental Monitoring

Remotely monitor, measure, and manage air quality, site capacity, and equipment to detect failures or exposure risks, avoiding expensive on site visits.

Autonomous Security

Secure unmanned, vulnerable sites. Stop sabotage and theft. Detect, alert, and deter suspicious behaviors 24/7.


"We finally have eyes and ears covering our entire infrastructure and are far better prepared to offer a continuous supply of fresh and safe water to all our customers.”

Trinity River Authority


Daily average vehicles that appear at some remote sites, but still need recording.


False alarms, including windy, remote sites.


License plates are read daily at sites.

455 miles

Protected shoreline at one reservoir.

Advantages and Benefits

Detect and Prevent Crime

Simplify infrastructure security, monitor, detect, and respond to any incident 24/7, all from one unified view.

Safeguard assets

Keep employees safe

Store evidence for future investigations

Engineer working on power plant with laptop, Checking substation power.
Stadium filled with a crowd of people
A cell tower standing tall against a backdrop of a road, providing seamless connectivity to users.

Unbreakable Connectivity

EPIC iO ensures zero downtime vital for mission-critical applications, remote monitoring, and mobile workforce management.

Our 4G/5G provides highest quality signal

Deploys universal IoT gateways to remote sites

Monitors utilization and capacity

Analog Replacement (POTS)

Provides utility companies a more efficient and reliable alternative to traditional phone line services, saving money and improving service reliability.

A red fire alarm mounted on the wall, ready to be activated in case of an emergency.

EPIC iO: Crafting Scalable Solutions Powering the Future of Utility Infrastructures with Precision Modernization

  • Perimeter Security

  • Safety & Compliance

  • Connectivity & Site Wifi

  • Asset Security

  • Entry/Exit Gate Security

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Spoil Usage Monitoring

  • Centralized Visibility & Management

Ready to Make Your World Safer, Smarter, and More Connected?

Shaping the Future of Intelligent Operations