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Against Crime

Equipping law enforcement for swift crime resolution and proactive prevention for safer communities.


Number of Police Officers killed

over the last five years.


Crime rate decreases by 90%

when AIoT solutions are deployed.

Aiding Law Enforcement Keeping Our Communities Safe


Evidence Capture

The most efficient and effective way to capture the evidence needed to solve crime faster.

City Wide Surveillance (Circle)

City Wide Surveillance and Monitoring

Augment patrol activities with AI-powered surveillance camera data to identify ordinance violations or emerging threats in real time.

LPR (Circle)

License Plate Recognition

Captures suspicious or 'hot listed" vehicle data efficiently, identifies violations, and aids law enforcement with vital intel to enforce the rules of the road.

Intersection (Circle)

Intersection and Roadway Safety

Detects illegal parking, near misses, wrong-way drivers, and crosswalk safety, keeping drivers and pedestrians safer. Pinpoints high-risk areas to aid in resource allocation.

Homeless Camp Monitoring (Circle)

Homeless Camp Monitoring

More than 200k homeless sleep outside. AIoT solutions make monitoring the safety and well being of those who live and serve the homeless easier, more effective, and less costly.

Illegal Dumping (Circle)

Illegal Dumping

Instantly detect, deter, and alert authorities as illegal dumping incident occurs to combat the cost and environmental impact illegal dumping has on communities.

Stop Street Racing

Strategically place AI-powered cameras and sensors to detect high-speed movement, triggering immediate alerts for law enforcement.

Zone in on unsafe behaviors
Facilitates communication and collaboration
Captures vehicle data for building cases or issuing citations
A car emitting smoke from drag racing while driving on the road.
A police car speeding through a dark tunnel at night, its flashing lights illuminating the surroundings.

Aid Officer Efficiency and Safety

Provide officers with instant, data-driven insights, improving decision-making during operations and enhancing situational awareness and safety.

Data-drive risk assessment for officer safety
Optimizes emergency response times
Reduces risk of equipment malfunctions

Detect Complex Data Connections

AI-powered analysis quickly contextualizes data from disparate systems, unveiling anomalies or trends in real-time for intelligent, more accurate investigations.

Uncovers hidden trends
Increases collaboration
Faster knowledge sharing
A man and woman reviewing documents together, engaged in a professional discussion.

"We access the database but lack the time, energy, and resources to sit there and monitor everything. The goal is efficiency."

— Erin Kiely, Police Chief

A police officer using a laptop on top of a car.

Critical Wireless Connectivity

Equip first responders with secure, dedicated connectivity, facilitating communications and coordination during emergencies or large-scale events for faster, life-saving responses.

Never compete with commercial traffic
High-confidence reliability
Real-time voice/text messaging, images, video, location info
Card Item 1

“We hope the cameras will just scare people from doing anything wrong, but if they do anything wrong, we then have evidence to go after them.”

Michele Nekota, Honolulu Parks Director

Card Item 2

"Public safety remains top priority in our community, and I believe the cameras will serve as a good tool to help deter and solve crimes within our City.”

- Sekou Millington, City of Tracy Police Chief

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