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Pinpoint high risk areas and safety hazards, combat congestion and swiftly manage traffic in to ensure smoother, safer roadways for drivers and pedestrians.

EPIC iO: Your Partner in Smart City Safety

Teaming up with municipalities, we deploy AI technology to intelligently analyze real-time traffic, weather, and roadway emergencies, reducing injuries and saving lives.​

Intersection Safety

50% of traffic-related injuries and 20% of fatalities happen at intersections. Discover how Smart Intersections helps you reduce injuries and save lives.

Traffic Analytics and Pedestrian Safety

Real-time info is the lifeline for drivers, essential for reducing congestion and enhancing safety for both the vehicle and pedestrians.

Smart Traffic and Pedestrian Solutions


Adaptable and Self-Sufficient Traffic Analysis Powered by AI

Car counting. Stalled vehicle and near-miss detection. Wrong-way drivers. Intersection analysis. Road construction safety.

Traffic Management

Optimize the flow of vehicles to reduce congestion, and improve safety, and efficiency.


Identifying areas of higher accident rates or potential safety hazards enables action to keep drivers and pedestrians safer.

Infrastructure Planning

Provide essential data for planning and designing transportation infrastructure to align with current and future traffic demands.

Congestion Reduction

Identifying traffic patterns drives to reduce congestion during peak hours or during construction.

Environmental Impact

Understanding the impact transportation has on the environment, such as emission and fuel consumption, drives the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Emergency Response

Whether a large-scale event, accident, or natural disaster, authorities can quickly and efficiently redirect traffic, safely.


Traffic injuries happen at intersections.

Smart Intersections

Each year 42,000 vehicle drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians converge and die at U.S. traffic intersections, and thousands more are injured.

Together, Let’s Make Intersections Safer and More Efficient

Intersection Analysis

Intersection Analysis

  • Monitors vehicle flow, quantify, type, direction
  • Monitors left turn cue
  • Alerts: congestion, wrong-way driver, jaywalking
Crosswalk Safety

Crosswalk Safety

  • Monitors foot traffic, quantity, type, direction
  • Monitors left turn cue
  • Alerts: congestion, wrong-way driver, jaywalking
License-plate-recognition (1)

License Plate Recognition

  • Traffic and emergency alerts
  • Informative videos
  • Images, bus schedule, and public transportation sites

Smart Traffic Planning

Track and analyze types, volumes and the directions of vehicles passing through various intersections to help planners re-route and optimize traffic when and where needed.

Tracks average speeds
Relieves congestion
Improves air quality
is scaas infographic intersection traffic

AI-Powered Cross Walk Prevention

Monitors utilization, wait times, and jaywalkers. Instantly informs drivers and pedestrians to danger with sounds and alerts.

Measure volume, direction and type of traffic (car, bike, people)
Detect near misses
Identify traffic violations

License Plate Recognition

Aids law enforcement with vital intel for safer, strategic-decisions in intercepting and apprehending vehicles and suspects, significantly enhancing public safety.

Extracts plate, make, model and color details
Compares to police database for "hot" listed
Real-time alerts
License Plate Recognition Animation

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