Safer, Smarter Schools

Keeping Students Safe

Enhance school safety by preventing incidents, and detecting vaping smoke and violence.

Transforming Schools with Real-Time Actionable Data

EPIC iO provides schools with real-time data from sensors, cameras, and integrations for smarter, safer, and more connected learning environments.


School shootings in 2023 alone, 620 shootings since 2008


Rating experts give most U.S. Schools. Most repairs go undetected before causing harm or damage.


Average K12 student catch 6 colds per year at school

Advantages and Benefits

Offer A Better Environment

New technologies help educators improve learning environments.

Enviromental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Receive proactive alerts about environmental factors that could affect the health and well-being of students and faculty members.

Air quality


Vaping and smoking

Camera (1)

Detect and Prevent

Detect suspicious behaviors, and defective operations for immediately lockdown.

Alerts are sent in real-time, all from a centralized platform.

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Reduce Spread of Germs

Disinfect every inch of classrooms and locker rooms on any surface. Destroys Influenza, Coronavirus, RSV, Strep, and more without human involvement.

No chemicals or residue

Limit Access

Vigilantly monitor school access, instantly alerting at first sight of a threat and triggering lockdowns from a panic button if needed.

Monitor when doors unexpectedly open
Educators and staff receive real-time alerts of open/close door activity
Limited-access schools
Wall camera

Detect and Prevent Crime

Detect suspicious behaviors with 24/7 security surveillance, immediately alert authorities, and deter threats.

Vandalism, theft and graffiti prevention
Parking lot monitoring
Protect student privacy, anonymize collected data

Respond Quickly

Respond to and resolve incidents faster. Equip first responders with secure, dedicated connectivity.

Instantly lock down
Isolate threats
Stores video, aiding future investigations
Police officer using a laptop in his car
Two teenagers vaping

Prevent Vaping and Smoking

Receive instant alerts when smoke or vaping is detected. Distinguish nicotine from THC residue and provide time-stamped visual evidence

Identify areas where most prevalent
Historical trends and repeat offenses
Quickly prevent fires

Centralized Monitoring

Simplify campus security, monitor, detect, and respond to any incident all from one unified view.

Real-time visibility
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"Taekwon-Do is a way of life for us. My students come to develop these life skills, and their families expect a safe and clean environment for their children. The problem with germs is you can't see them, so schools assume they are clean. They're not.”

— Master Luis Mejia, Advantage Taekwon-Do

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