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Patient Care

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EPIC iO Smart Healthcare Solutions


Gas Pressure Monitoring

Water/Air Filter Monitoring

Employee Thermal Screening and Badge Scanning

Parking Lot Monitoring

Water Leak Monitoring

Pump Monitoring

Biohazard Container Monitoring

Waste Container/Bin Monitoring

Generator and Fuel Level Monitoring

Door Contact Sensors

Air Quality Monitors

Secure Area Monitoring

Video Security Monitoring

Thermal Screening for COVID Precautions

Patient Safety Monitoring

Fall Detection and Vital Sign Monitoring

Leak Detection for Assets Protection

Advantages and Benefits

Uplevel Medical Facility Operations

Elevate your operations with nonstop monitoring and early alerts. Prevent equipment failures, improve efficiency and proactively address issues before they escalate. ​

Device and infrastructure health management
Reduce in-house costs, increase productivity
Increase patient satisfaction and comfort
Healthcare -Uplevel

Proactively Prevent Incidents

Keep your hospital perimeter, parking lots, staff and patients safe with AI-powered security for 24/7 detection, rapid response, and threat deterrence. ​

Detect suspicious behavior
Prevent unauthorized access
License plate recognition and vehicle tagging

Security for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pharmaceutical facilities house sensitive materials and data. Video surveillance and access control ensure only authorized access and real-time monitoring, enhancing overall security.

Detects suspicious activity
Capture footage
Instant alerting

Accurate Cold Storage Monitoring Safeguards
Products, Patients, and Reputations

The Cold Hard Truth

lost annually due to failures in temperature control.
supply chain problems driven by temperature excursions.
average age of cold storage units, per JLL.

EPIC iO’s Cold Storage Solution

Ensure the viability of stored goods while reducing resources required for FDA regulatory compliance.

Real-time sensor readings, NIST certified sensors

Precision temperature monitoring

On-going analytics, FDA compliance

Pervasive software-driven WWAN on LTE, primary, or failover

Comprehensive intrusion detection

Enhance your cold storage solution with other associative sensors
  • Open/Close Door Sensor

  • Humidity

  • Voltage and Amperage

  • Vibration

Reliable HIPAA Compliant Connectivity

Ultra-fast 4G/5G speeds serve up real-time insights for doctors and staff. Ensure zero interruptions with a diverse path failover and wireless backup.​ ​

Faster speeds, higher bandwidth
Real-time data transmission
At edge data analysis enables smarter decision making
One nationwide, multi-carrier provider
A doctor in a white coat walking down a hallway using tablet.
An ambulance with an open door and medical equipment inside, ready to provide emergency medical assistance.

Empower Collaboration Anywhere

Elevate team collaboration with high-quality connectivity even in areas where wired connections aren’t available​.

Work from home setups
Kiosks, pop-ups, and temporary locations
Vehicles and fleets
IoT applications

Digitizing the Patient Journey

Centralizing situational awareness means better patient outcomes. Digitation empowers better awareness and smarter allocation of care providers to tackle the most pressing issues.

Optimize Care Allocation

For safer, smarter patient healthcare experiences.

Effectively extends staff

Empowers real-time and trending visibility

Unifies disparate systems

Ensure Patient Privacy

Biological data may be de-identified in-order-to ​comply with HIPAA regulations.

People detection de-identified

Pose-estimation de-identified

Posture assessment de-identified

Detect Patient Movement

Cutting edge AI + specialized sensors keep a close eye on patient movements, pose, and time spent to ensure slip and fall prevention.

Instantly alerts when danger is predicted

Monitors time spent in any given area

Posture assessment with de-identification for privacy

DeepInsights™ Dashboard

Unifies enriched data for full visibility and correlates to meet healthcare requirements, delivering actionable results.

Single, scalable platform

Integrates IoT, computer vision, and connectivity

Tracks patient, staff, climate, bed consumption, and button activities

EPIC iO Smart Healthcare Solutions Accomplished Three Main Goals:


Reduce Staff Burnout


Increase Operational Efficiencies


Improve the Patient Healthcare Journey

Northwest Medical Center

"The introduction of IoT to monitor our cold storage units is a critical step to modernizing our storage, streamlining our processes, and allowing us to better serve our patients. EPIC iO IoT solution has already generated a significant ROI and we are continuing to look at how we can leverage IoT into other aspects of our hospital operations.”

— Director of Technology, North West Hospital and Medical Center

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