Solutions for Smart Healthcare

Increased intelligence and safety of your hospital community through AI, IoT, and Connectivity

EPIC iO Smart Hospitals is one of the most complete end-to-end AIoT and wireless network solutions. From design to implementation and beyond, EPIC iO brings the expertise needed to work with customers across the healthcare sector.
Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses with 4G and prepare for 5G and beyond.
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EPIC iO’s solution helps healthcare operations managers allocate and implement the most suitable IoT sensors that can revolutionize the way hospital operations are handled. Hospital operations managers can utilize EPIC iO’s capabilities, which are proprietary AI and IoT software solutions that provide 24/7, real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities to proactively address potential issues.
With AI, IoT, and wireless connectivity, hospital managers, and staff have access to countless benefits, such as


As data is collected and analyzed at ultra-fast 4G/5G speeds, doctors and staff have access to the real-time data they need to gain insights into their patients and operations.
  • Leverage wireless backup in the event of an internet service interruption.
  • Secure, always-on, internet with diverse path failover internet.
  • Reliable, HIPPA-compliant access for mobile healthcare units on the move
  • Replace analog lines with LTE and reduce costs
  • Create a private LTE/5G network
  • Plus, with EPIC iO you have one nationwide, multi-carrier provider


AIoT solutions allow managers and doctors to to make intelligent, strategic decisions in real-time by collecting and analyzing data at-the-edge. EPIC iO brings it all together, on budget, and on time.
From solution design and selection of edge AI and IoT sensors to installation and management. EPIC iO provides the complete solution with data visualization dashboards and real-time alerts,.
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Uses Cases

Hospital Illustration

Parking Monitoring

Employee's Thermal Screening and Badge Scanning

Water / Air Filter Monitoring

Gas Pressure Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Slip and Fall Detection

Video Security Monitoring

Water Leak Monitoring

Pump Monitoring

Salt Tank Monitoring


Air Velocity / Diferential Air Pressure

Air Flow

Cooling Tower Monitoring

Generator and Fuel Monitoring

Biohazard Container Monitoring

Waste Container / Bin monitoring

Air Quality Monitors

Fall Detection & Vital Sign Monitoring

Patient Safety Monitoring

Leak detection for assets protection

hBM Thermal Screening for Covid Response

Autoclave Monitoring

Secure Area Monitoring