Creating safer healthcare spaces: The essential role of advanced vaping detection systems

Vaping is a growing problem in many public spaces, including healthcare facilities. While most healthcare facilities prohibit smoking and vaping on their premises, some people choose to ignore these rules, posing serious health risks for patients and staff. Vaping can expose others to secondhand aerosol, which contains harmful, often unknown chemicals. This is particularly dangerous in a healthcare setting where people are already unwell, exacerbating existing health conditions.

In addition to health risks, vaping in healthcare facilities can also lead to disruptive behavior and create unsanitary conditions. It is critical for healthcare facilities to invest in effective vaping detection solutions to help deter this harmful behavior and promote a safe, healthy environment for everyone.

Our Vape Detecting Solution

EPIC iO's vaping detection solution for healthcare facilities is simple and low-cost. We use a smart IoT sensor built to monitor air quality and provide data around what it finds. When vaping or smoking-specific air particles are detected, the system automatically notifies the designated contacts and logs the event. We pair the sensor with a video or still image camera pointed at the bathroom entrance. This motion-activated camera captures a time-stamped visual of anyone leaving or entering. This visual evidence can be compared against the log of detected vaping activity to deduce the culprit, identify repeat offenders, and develop targeted intervention strategies. The log of detected vaping events and the accompanying visual evidence is stored in the DeepInsights™ platform, which can be accessed online from anywhere at any time.

Why You Should Combat Vaping

By detecting vaping in real-time, hospital administration or security can take action to address the situation and protect patients and employees alike. Additionally, identifying and stopping vaping can help improve air quality by reducing second-hand exposure to harmful aerosols. Vaping detection solutions can also help facilities comply with regulations and policies surrounding vaping and smoking, reducing the risk of legal issues and associated liabilities. Integration with DeepInsights™ allows healthcare facilities to analyze the data and make informed decisions about vaping prevention and deterrent strategies.

Invest in Your Future

By investing in a vaping detection solution like EPIC iO\'s, healthcare facilities can proactively combat the issue and create a safer and healthier environment. The solution's superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity make it an excellent choice for facilities looking to reduce liability risks and comply with government regulations as well as healthcare system policies. With improved air quality, peace of mind for patients and staff, and a sense of security, healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from investing in vaping detection solutions. We encourage healthcare facilities to take action and make the investment to protect their patients, staff, and reputation. Contact our team to see what this solution can look like in your facility.