Improve Guest Experience

Delight guests, streamline operations, and cut costs. Elevate comfort and convenience while enhancing efficiency making every stay exceptional.


Hoteliers believe it's more likely technology will be

more important for success in the next 5 years.


Of travelers are more likely to choose

a hotel with self-service technology

Smart Hotels

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"The produce stays fresher for longer, and the meat and seafood have a longer shelf life. Diners say the food tastes great. They don't, and shouldn't have to, realize it is also safer.”

— Luis Brenes, Executive Chef

Improve Operational Performance and Safety

Tap into new technologies to improve operational efficiencies, workforce safety, and swift detection of issues, whether it be leaks, environmental glitches, or internet failures.

Advantages and Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Leverage real-time data for proactive automation and data-backed decisions to drive better outcomes.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor, measure and manage air quality, site capacity, and equipment to detect failures or exposure risks — from a single hub.

Analog Replacement (POTS)

Ensure the reliability and safety of elevators and fire alarms, and replace old POTS analog lines with digital alternatives.

Improve Guest Experience

Room Safety and Comfort

Monitor temperature, humidity, COs and odors. Empower guests to control door locks, lights and temperature to ensure safety and personalized comfort at every stay.

Avoid lawsuits
Improve guest satisfaction
Manage diverse audience needs with ease
A mother and her daughter wearing pajamas, sitting on a bed, enjoying a cozy moment together.
Two people at hotel front desk checking in.
Streamline Hotel Management

Use Data to Streamline Operations

Automate alerts when a room is ready to be cleaned, monitor energy consumption, plumbing systems and water usage from centralized hub.

Predictive maintenance
Occupancy counting
Real-time data about individual rooms

Enhance Safety and Security

Prevent security threats, enrich surveillance of critical areas within the hotel grounds, and keep guests and employees safe from a centralized hub.

Secure perimeter and parking lots
Eliminate unwanted or unauthorized access
Halt vandalism, graffiti, and smash and grabs
Detect slip and falls
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Hotels spend $5.4B annually removing tobacco smell

Disinfect. Sanitize. Deordorize.

Eliminates germs on all surfaces for a safer, healthier and odor free environment. Fully autonomous, requiring no maintenance or refills.

Treats 2,000 square feet per unit
Remove cigarette odors in less than 2 hours
Eliminates musty, bacteria, and fungi odors too

Ultra Fast Connectivity

Internet outages can disrupt communications, delay guest services, reduce productivity, and damage reputations. Dependable wireless connectivity mitigates risk ensuring day-to-day operations and strong business continuity.

Flexible, reliable, wireless alternative to broadband.

Stay seamlessly connected to essential data and tools that fuel daily efficiency with wireless 4G/5G backup; zero downtime, and dual routers for higher resiliency.

Short-term internet and video transport solution.

Elevate your business with a private wireless network. Experience high reliability, low latency, high bandwidth, maximum capacity, and broad coverage for critical operations.

Unifies disparate wireless technology, eliminates wired constraints, secures remote work, and extends networking services beyond communication in a single infrastructure. 

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