Occupancy Counting

Empower Smart Space Management

Gain insight into occupancy, flow and utilization to enhance space efficiency and productivity creating a much better experience for everyone

Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring

EPIC iO occupancy monitoring solution provides a rich source of information that can be put to immediate practical use.


Video-based people counting tech dominates the market share


Seek bi-directional (in and out) versus uni-directional data for richer array of valuable information

Occupancy Analysis Powered by AI

Accurate people counts empower businesses and organizations to create more efficient, responsive and enjoyable experience.​

Crowd Estimation

Identify overcrowding patterns and manage que lines to keep everyone safe and happy​.

Proper Staffing

Understand occupancy to best allocate proper staffing, space and resources​.

Efficient Energy

Automate where and when you turn energy sources on and off based on need.

Happy Customers

Ensure a safe and comfortable experience for employees and customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with real-time occupancy counts and historical trend data​.

Calculate Conversion

Drive informed marketing decisions to maximize revenue.

Advantages and Benefits

Purpose of People Counting

Optimize operations, customer experience and revenue when you combine key data points - foot traffic, point of sale and staffing​.

Revamp Waiting

Easily gain the insights needed to better manage wait times and give your customers a better experience, online and in-person​.

Keep People Safe

Well ran queue lines keep everyone safe in big crowds and can reduce the chance of accidents, crowd surges, and unauthorized access.

Justify Funding

Quantitative evidence offers a foundation to illustrate existing practices and defend investment requests​.

A security camera captures people walking around in a mall.

Navigating The Best in People Counting Technology

Combining AI with powerful people-counting sensors improves the recognition of humans and the exclusion of everything else. Crafting a must-have checklist of key features ensures your technology excels for optimal performance.

  • Accuracy
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Privacy
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Durability

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