Analog Replacement (POTS)

Dependable Connectivity for Critical Applications

Replace expensive, outdated, copper and outdated analog infrastructure with LTE.


Uptime guaranteed

Weeks or less to install


Customers satisfied

Advantages and Benefits

Reliable Connectivity

Guarantees 99.9% uptime for mission-critical applications.

24-hour battery backup protects service, even during power outages

Standard and dual SIM failover options for backup

Remote monitoring

5G satellite tower above the trees
Manager making sure servers in data storage enterprise are perfectly equipped to provide redundancy, automatic failover and fast reconfiguration of clusters to minimize failure of mainframes

LTE POTS Replacement + Internet

Two solutions are engineered for your business at the same time. Adding an internet line for failover has never been so easy being deployed with your new POTS technology. Now add an internet line to an elevator or VoLTE.

Combined efforts of rapid deployment and installation
Ensure business continuity with failover that is equal to EPIC iO's POTS replacement
Continue your scalable and flexible wireless infrastructure

Regulatory Compliant Solutions

Supporting analog line replacements and their applications. All in one box.

A red fire alarm mounted on the wall, ready to be activated in case of an emergency.
Fire alarms
Intrusion alarms
VoLTE (fax, modem, SCADA apps, OOBM)
ATM machines
Vending machines
Point-of-Sale terminals
Pool phones
Automated gates
and more...

Realize the Full Power of Wireless Solutions

Fast, Easy Transition

Installs in a few weeks or less with minimal disruption. Elevates business continuity, and maximizes operational efficiency.

Predictable Costs

Fixed, low monthly cost. A single, consolidated bill for multi-location business and $0 CapEx options.

Flexible and Scalable

Accommodates the growth in demand without the need for rewiring or infrastructure upgrades.

Realtime Notifications

If a device is not receiving power or encounters connection issues, notifications are sent as EPIC iO's support team works on a resolution.

Code Compliant

EPIC iO's solutions are NFPA 72 signaling code certified, comply to UL864, and is Fire Marshal-approved in all 50 states.

Better Customer Experience

Voice clarity is better than analog for better customer interactions. For you, we ensure on time installations with professional project management.

When Communications Are Critical

LTE for POTS replacement is the solution.

  • Fire

    Code certified. Fire marshal approved.

  • Alarms

    Connected, even in power outages.

  • Elevators

    Connected, even in power outages

  • Voice (VoLTE)

    FAX, modem, SCADA apps, OOB management.

  • LTE POTS Replacement + Internet

    Two solutions, One low price. Adding internet is easy.

Ready to Make Your World Safer, Smarter, and More Connected?

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