Device-Agnostic Smart Video with AI

EPIC iO’s DeepInsights™ combines the best of AI computer vision, highly distributed video management, and bandwidth-sipping cameras.

DeepVision for Video Management

Manage cameras, 2-way audio, alerts, and recordings with DeepVision, the leading solution for compact as well as multi-site deployments.

Capture video and process it with embedded DeepInsights AI
Gain insights and trends of each type of event and alert in DeepInsights
Monitor many locations over poor bandwidths and multiple networks, using video and still-frame cameras
Video walls for unlimited and impressive wall-to-wall coverage
Add new or incorporate legacy cameras, with the option of applying AI
Male security officer controls CCTV cameras in office, uses digital tablet and computers with surveillance camera footage playback on screens

Watch From Anywhere

Use DeepVision to stay informed the way you want, viewing up to 64 cameras at once.

Desktop application supporting Windows, OSX, and Ubuntu
Mobile devices with support for low latency
Web browsers for ultimate flexibility in viewing and management from anywhere

Quick and Easy to Use

DeepVision is quick and intuitive to learn. Within minutes you will be designing flexible camera layouts, searching for specific events, and adding the power of AI to your cameras.

Fast and smart searching to find events instantly
Simple multi-camera exports
Adaptive scaling to optimize speed while minimizing CPU and network usage
Discover and add 99% of all IP cameras with a single click

Multi-location Systems

DeepVision excels in expansive deployments across large geographies, seamlessly operating across diverse networks and unifying them into a cohesive whole, thereby conquering typical challenges of simultaneous multi-network operations.

Covers geographically dispersed deployments
Transparently transitions between networks
Deploy small local systems using Universal IoT Gateways and Mobile Surveillance Units

Secure and Compliant

The cloud components of DeepVision are securely and entirely hosted within the US, protected by deep encryption and comprehensive audit logs.

Track and audit every action by every user, including viewing, replaying and exporting
Encrypted and tamper-proof exported video clips for chain of custody
Encrypted communication using HTTP and SSL

DeepInsights™ AI 

Cutting-edge AI transforms raw video and still images into insights that matter, whether it is people or vehicles.

Detect perimeter intrusions and loitering
Analyze vehicular traffic patterns, and violations such as illegal turns
Monitor unsafe situations including stalled vehicles, near-misses, and reckless driving
Track license plates for immediate alerts and forensic searches
Spot fires and illegal dumping
Assess people's posture to determine if they are standing, lying down, sitting, or crouching in case that suggests a potential problem of even a threat
Runs at the edge in a Universal IoT gateway or Mobile Surveillance Unit, or in the cloud for power and scalability
Can be expanded with third-party AI models

Eliminates False Alarms

Evolve beyond pixel motion and background abstraction – eliminate false alarms with full object detection using computer vision AI and welcome a new era of precision and reliability.  Environmental factors may include:

Wind, rain, snow
Trees and leaves moving
Animals and puddles of rainwater
Shifting shadows from clouds with sunlight or moonlight
Reflections from headlights
Dirt, insects, and nearby vegetation
Camera on road scans the speed and license plates of passing cars

Remote Vision

When traditional wired-power and connectivity prove impractical, choose EPIC iO RemoteVision, a cloud-based platform. Unconstrained by wires this nimble solution utilizes snapshots from video and frame-based cameras, processed seamlessly by DeepInsights™ AI in the cloud. 

For use in remote low-activity locations where coverage is still required
Can be used for license plate recognition or surveillance
AI processes still images, and reports alerts in DeepInsights™
Includes management of camera health, SIM usage, and all alerts

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