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Discover the Power of DeepInsights™ by EPIC iO

​An open, scalable platform that provides real-time insights to improve safety, enhance the quality of life, and drive operational efficiencies.

Learn how iconic companies transformed their physical operations into safer, smarter, and more connected outcomes.


Of all data will be IoT by 2025.


Of enterprises will use IoT by 2023.


Number of cameras in use in the world today.

Addressing the Broader Challenges of Data Analytics

Today's businesses are drowning in data abundance yet hindered by incompatible systems and a scarcity of analytical experts. Transforming this landscape, EPIC iO DeepInsights™ solves your challenges with unparalleled precision and efficacy.


Ensures interoperability between systems

Centralize management

Contextualizes data for relevance

Capture, process and analyze data at edge for real-time decisions and action​

Your Data Journey

AI-powered data learning propels unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, optimizing performance for transformative gains.

Edge Data Capture

AI-powered data learning propels unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, optimizing performance for transformative gains.

Immediate Process

Process and analyze data at the edge enabling instant decision-making and data-driven actions.

Enhanced Vision

Augmented data is collected with visual data to better interpret, understand, and derive insights enriching the information.

Data Fusion

Unify data from various edge sources to create a comprehensive and multi-dimensional understanding of the environment.

Edge-To-Edge Communication

Seamlessly shared insights across the network to enhance collaboration and efficiency. 

Real-Time Decisions

Enable the system to respond instantly to dynamic conditions producing better outcome.

Centralized Insights

Contextualized data is transmitted to a centralized platform providing a single source of truth for all to use.


With the scalability of DeepInsights™ and the flexibility of the AI, integrations to IoT sensors and other systems are enabling customers to utilize the platform to build and scale their projects and solutions over time.

Continuous Learning

The AIoT evolves from continuous learning, forming a feedback loop for enhanced predictions and adaptability.

Full Circle Insights

AI-powered data learning propels unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, optimizing performance for transformative gains.

Advantages and Benefits

Your Data Tells a Story

Elevate communications, contextualize data and employ predictive capabilities proactively solving issues before they become critical.

Dashboard view showing sites and spoil usage data from DeepInsights™
DeepInsightsMonitorTrans (2)

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility across multiple locations and remote assets, driving transformative business results at scale.

Simplify Oversight

Seamlessly integrate, process, and analyze data from an expansive variety of assets and systems on a single platform for enhanced control and oversight of your operations.

Complete picture of all activities

Single source of truth

Instant knowledge sharing and collaboration

DeepInsights - Simplify Oversight

Technology That Goes Beyond Data Capture

Edge Computing

Source-driven data action boosts scalability, strengthens security, cuts cost, and delivers timely insights transforming efficiency and decision-making.

Robust Logic Engine

Enhances decision-making and efficiency by intellectually processing and interpreting complex data ensuring optimal outcomes.

Centralized Management

Captures and processes data from all camera, IoT, and third-party systems providing a single, unified hub.

Learned and Predicative Intelligence

DeepInsights™ merges historical data, statistical modeling, and data mining unveiling patterns to identify risks and opportunities.

Tailored-Made and Versatile

Adaptable to any sector, industry, or environment to meet 100% of the client's needs.

Easy Integration

Integrates multiple data systems to quickly ingest, store, and visualize data.​

Use Cases

Results-Driven Solutions

DeepInsights™ integrates AI models, automated logic, and visualization to deliver actionable insights.

Posture Detection Patient monitoring Purple
Posture Detection,
Patient Monitoring
License-plate-recognition (3)
Vehicle Detection,
Classification, LPR
People Detection Counting Crowd Detection Purple
Heat Maps, People/Crowd
Detection and counting
Fire Detection Purple
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Garbage Detection
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Tent Detection Purple

Take Command of Site Security​

Take total control over every aspect of your site's security systems with our DeepInsightsTM  Site Security platform.

Centralize: unify surveillance & all access control devices for complete visibility

Automate: streamline security operations automating manual intervention tasks

Configurable: designed to uniquely suit your needs ensuring tailored protection​

Monitor: view all locations and equipment from a single hub from anywhere, any time

Audit: deliver informed insights via advance analytics for better decisions

Scalable: extend coverage to new or existing sites with ease via our interoperable, device agnostic solution

DeepInsights - Simplify Oversight

Invest in Success. Smarter, Effective Protection​

Prevent intrusions, reduce theft and automate site access all through a single, intuitive interface.

112 TB​

Surveillance, access control and automation
event data captured last year


media objects captured by customers using
DeepInsightsTM Novus Site Security platform

Manage Every SIM and Device in Your Portfolio

DeepInsights™ for Connectivity provides a unified view of connectivity data, optimizing data plans, setting limits, and identifying issues early.


Average cost savings enterprises experience when SIM management is applied correctly.

Secure and scalable

Monitors usage across multiple carriers

Comprehensive analytics with historical and real-time data for individual SIMS and devices

Enables targeted actions

Ready to Make Your World Safer, Smarter, and More Connected?

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