Smart, Safer Communities

Building Tomorrow’s Communities

AIoT Revolution: Transforming communities with smart infrastructure, safety enhancement, and an enriched quality of life.

AIoT Elevates Community Living

Communities nationwide seek innovative solutions to safeguard residents, combat crime, enhance the quality of life, and foster local growth.

Increase Community Access

Improve Operational Efficiency

City Park Safety and Usage

Stir Economic Growth

Improve City Safety and Usage

Prevent Vandalism and Protect Assets

Improve Water Quality and Safety

Improve Energy Efficiency

Smart Communities


Improve Community Operations

AIoT provides smart communities with the tools to optimize operations, reduce cost and improve resource allocations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Capture, process, and analyze data in real-time to unveil trends, patterns, and anomalies, guiding smarter decisions for better outcomes.

Optimize Resources

Accurately monitoring capacity, usage, and demand to effectively allocate public work resources, energy, and water distribution allows for real-time adjustments.

Analog Replacement (POTS)

Upgrade from traditional phone lines to a cost-efficient, more reliable alternative ensuring savings, improved service, and nationwide code compliance.

Advantages and Benefits


Of crime rate decreases when AI and AIoT are deployed

Enhance Public Safety

  • Safeguard any area with high-resolution smart cameras and sensors for 24/7 safety.
  • Detect suspicious behaviors immediately, alert authorities, and deter threats.
  • Halt illegal dumping, vandalism, graffiti, and theft.
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City-Wide Surveillance

Gain real-time insights on city-wide activities to further enhance public safety, pedestrian safety, transportation, and traffic management.

Keep Roads Safe

Pinpoint high-risk areas and safety hazards, combat congestion, and swiftly manage traffic to ensure smoother, safer roadways and intersections for drivers and pedestrians.

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Pedestrians crossing street while being monitored for safety.
A man sitting near his tent on the sidewalk.

More than 200K homeless sleep outside every year

Address Homelessness with Compassion

Transform homelessness oversight. Monitor the safety and well-being of those who live and serve the Homeless. Observe encampments and abandoned public infrastructures remotely from a centralized hub.

Public Works Cover a Broad Range of Services

Each facility must be secured, monitored, and protected against vandalism, theft, and asset damage.

24/7 policing is costly and often unable to thwart every threat. EPIC iO centralizes operational management and expands visibility

Traffic Infrastructure

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