Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Get Reliable Multi-Site Internet— Fast

WWAN carries a wireless signal farther than just one location. Easy to install, fast, and less expensive.


67% of businesses worldwide use 4G/5G for Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)


Gartner expects that by 2025, 50% of enterprise wireless endpoints will use networking services that deliver capabilities beyond communication

Essential for Digital Transformation

Evolve from Wired to Wireless

Be ready to address the requirements of today’s evolving technologies, services, and enterprise business models with fast, flexible, wireless connectivity.

Simplify network operations
Avoid costly fiber build-outs
Enable instant new site set-up
Faster speeds and higher bandwidth
Cloud technology line light upload speed
Hand united together form lines, triangles and particle style design

WWAN For Primary

Unite Disparate Connectivity

Unlike traditional fixed connectivity, WWAN brings diversity, agility, and flexibility, making it easy to connect to any site or device quickly.

Work from home setups
Kiosks, pop-ups, and temporary locations
Mobile businesses and workforces
IoT applications

Wide Area Coverage

Bridge Diverse-Area Connectivity Gaps

Extends coverage beyond property lines across broader geographic areas, perfect for remote or rural areas where traditional service is limited.

Streamlined and secured
Faster speeds and higher bandwidth
Real-time data transmission
Low latency
Rural area with line depicting connectivity
City with lines connecting throughout to show internet connectivity

High Speed Internet

Provides Fiber Like Speeds

Maximize efficiency with real-time data transmission and low latency to meet stringent service level requirements.

Faster speeds and higher bandwidth
Transmits ultra high-definition images
Heavy video conferencing capabilities
Close the gap between 4G and 5G connectivity

Future proof Your Network

4G and 5G Connectivity Options

Investing in a strong wireless network that can handle a high traffic volume and grow with you is imperative.

Handles countless devices
Reach beyond cables
Configure as you grow
Network connection technology in the city, with 5g internet networking sign

Realize the Full Power of Wireless Solutions

Enhanced Security

Ensure data privacy and protect against cyber threats.

Cost Savings

Reduce capital expenditure with cost-efficient wireless technology.

Flexible and Scalable

Accommodate the growth in demand without the need for rewiring or infrastructure upgrades. Connectivity that can handle all business applications.

Real-Time Notifications

When a device is not receiving power or having connection issues, notifications are sent while EPIC iO's support team is working to resolve the issue.

Code Compliant

EPIC iO's solutions are NFPA 72 signaling code certified, comply with UL864, and are fire marshal-approved in all 50 states.

DeepInsights™ for Connectivity

EPIC iO's game-changing platform provides a unified view of connectivity data, optimizing data plans, setting limits, and identifying issues early.

Built for Business

Designed to meet business and industry-specific requirements, regulatory mandates, and capability needs.


Long-term temporary job sites. Portable connectivity. Remote locations.


Oil & Gas. Renewable. Temporary
job sites. Remote locations.
Challenging environments.


Multi-location stores. Pop-up
retail. Remote locations. PCI

Quick Service Restaurant

Multi-location franchises. POS failover. Remote locations.


Multi-location banks. Stationary
ATMs. Temporary ATMs. FINRA


Multi-locations. Mobile clinics.
Healthcare Pop-ups. HIPAA

The Power of Bonded Wireless

Enhanced wireless mobility applications enable seamless connectivity as mobile units transition through coverage zones by efficiently utilizing bandwidth from multiple carriers. By leveraging two to four carriers simultaneously, we guarantee a reliable and always-on connection, ensuring uninterrupted access to network services.

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