Internet of things

Sense the World Around You

Modernize your business operations and stay competitive with digital transformation powered by IoT.

Infusing the Physical World with Digital Intelligence

Empowers assets and environments with autonomous intelligence, driving operational excellence for forward-thinking businesses.

Manages multiple physical assets and environments, remotely​

Adapts instantly to evolving requirements​

Simplifies, accelerates and enriches decision making​

Analyzes historical trends to identify smarter improvements​

Extract Better Business Outcomes Combining Diverse Insights

Enhanced Automation

Smart sensors technology transforms traditional feedback signals to true digital insights to drive performance improvements​.

Prevent Trouble

Smart sensors predict issues before they disrupt operations, safeguarding profitability by reducing costly decisions, repairs and downtimes.​

Better Synergies

Time-sensitive data can improve better real-time decision making, identify deviations and adjust plans across multiple departments instantly​.

Combine with Video

Integrating AI-based video technology with smart sensors provides diverse perspectives enhancing depth of insights & decision making​.

Simple Setup

Versatile for fixed or mobile coverage regardless if power is readily available or not​.

Digitized Records

Upgrades manual record keeping to automated digital records unlocking better trend analysis and planning​.

Converge Your Digital and Physical Worlds

Smart sensors empower people, assets, and environmental resources, heralding a new era of efficiency and sustainability.


Effective Solutions for Better Results:

Use IoT sensors to track occupancy, environmental conditions, power levels, tank levels, and check for open gates, doors, leaks and so much more.

Sensors for Every Need:

  • Accelerometer

  • Asset Tag

  • Liquid Levels

  • Magnetic Contact

  • Tank Levels

  • Ultrasonic

  • Power

  • Air Velocity

  • Differential Air Pressure Icon-2

    Differential Air Pressure

  • Local Alarm Notifications

  • Occupancy

  • Temperature And Humidity

  • Light Meter

  • Weight Pressure

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