Wireless Connectivity and AIoT Solutions for Smart Retail

The next generation of 4G/5G and AIoT

Organizations are adopting emerging technology like AIoT solutions to gain customer insights and enhance operations and workflows. EPIC iO offers the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity options to power innovative technologies that grow business and revenue streams.

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Smart Retail Solutions

Technology and data drive the way retailers interact with their customers and expand their businesses. They also offer limitless opportunities to what they can achieve when implementing smart solutions. With AI + IoT and wireless connectivity, retailers have access to countless benefits, such as:

Online Analytics
Online analytics
Flexible Connectivity
Flexible connectivity
Curbside Pickup Optimization
Curbside pickup optimization
Secure Networks
Secure Networks

Wireless Networking Solutions

Retail companies that incorporate AIoT into their infrastructure are leaders in customer experience, quality assurance, customer support, and shopper personalization. Being able to support today’s retail environments (brick and mortar, pop-ups, events, mobile, digital signage) requires flexible, secure wireless connectivity solutions that include modern networking capabilities, such as:

Internet Failover

Wired internet can go down for a number of reasons, causing an immediate loss of revenue. Automatically switch to a wireless solution to keep your business up and running.

Private LTE

Internal communications, backhaul, and POS systems can be placed on a separate, private network to add extra security and speeds rather than being supported by a congested WiFi network.


Wireless first CSD-WAN™ solutions give retailers the agile networking solution they need to implement digital solutions and cutting-edge retail models, while reducing operating costs.

Primary Connectivity

Wireless WANs deliver the security, flexibility, and performance retailers need for POS (Point of Sale), Kiosks, and other applications at the edge.

Temporary Connectivity

Retail is on the move with pop-up stores, events, and store-within-a-store venues. Temporary wireless pop-up networks save time, money, and enable retailers to set up shop anywhere.

Analog Phone Replacement

POTS landlines are outdated, and won’t be supported in the near future. Upgrade to a powerful LTE solution that can handle the mission-critical applications currently supported by expensive, analog landlines.

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5G in Retail

As data is collected and analyzed at 5G speeds, retail companies have access to the real-time data they need to gain insights into their customers and operations.


Smart Hospitals

Uses Cases


The powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT (AIoT) allows retailers to understand and interact with customers in real-time, optimizes supply-chain and inventory management, and reduces revenue loss through theft.

Real-time analytics provide retail managers with actionable data to more quickly adopt next-level services and solutions that directly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Curbside Pick-Up

Keep pickups moving to minimize customer wait times and create a smooth and seamless customer experience.

Secure Area Monitoring

Increase accuracy of video surveillance of critical areas in your store and on your property. Keep your customers and employees safe while protecting your investment.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Information based on license plates can be quickly flagged to law enforcement. Identify stolen vehicles without tying up valuable man-power.

Queue Management & Customer Attrition

Wireless first CSD-WAN™ solutions give retailers the agile networking solution they need to implement digital solutions and cutting-edge retail models while reducing operating costs.

Customer Demographics

Bring the rigor of online shopping statistics inside your store. Understand changing demographics and purchasing preferences to create better, more customized customer experiences.

Parking Lot Safety

Add AI-enabled IoT cameras to your parking lot environments to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your security measures. Create smart-parking for your customers and get 24/7 access to offsite agents to address potential criminal behavior in real- time.


I already have a wired connection - why should I consider a wireless connectivity add-on solution?

Wired failover is likely to go out if your primary connection goes out because it’s subject to the same disruptors, and is likely slow. Our failover solution provides “pathway diversity,” and is not subject to the same outages as a wired line.

What if I’m an SMB owner and don’t have the resources for such a big undertaking?

EPIC iO provides unique cloud-managed solutions that are designed for zero-touch deployment and can be configured and managed from a single remote location so that you don’t need a large team (or any team at all) to effectively manage your failover solution.

What increased costs will I be looking at? Will my solution and data usage costs be high?

EPIC iO provides management tools to monitor usage and prevent overages. Additionally, the Cradlepoint routers that we provide offer redundancy that keep the network running and enable remote troubleshooting, with no tuck roll.

What can I expect with unpredictable data usage and the resulting expenses?

With our failover solution, you can use “pooled” data plans from carriers that smooth unpredictable data use. We offer a range of data management tools and alerting that prevent overages and enable confidence in avoiding overages.


Protect your network with fiber-grade 4G/5G Failover

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