Smart Retail

Elevate Your Retail Experience

The retail industry is fiercely competitive; differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge.


Worth of inventory loss challenges in retail, 2022.


Retail has a high annual workforce turnover.

Smart Retail Experiences Inside and Out


The Better Shopping Experience

Foster a dynamic environment where interactions are elevated, needs are anticipated, and every visit is memorable.

01. Smart Shelf Management

Tags and sensors track stock, alerting low levels ensuring product is available when needed, reducing stock-outs, and improving customer satisfaction.

02. Predict Demand

Leverage data analytics to stock popular items, minimize markdowns and adjust pricing strategies in real-time.

03. Enhance In-Store Navigation

Efficiently guide customers through the store, optimize product placement, personalize their experience with tailored promotions, and provide real-time assistance for an enhanced shopping journey.

04. Improve Checkout Experience

Instantly gauge line lengths, guide customers to faster checkout locations, and optimize wait times through a centralized hub.

Store employee handing paper bag to man in vehicle

05. Elevate Curbside Pickup

Instantly alerts when a car arrives, reducing wait times and enhancing customer experience to increase your competitive edge.

Advantages and Benefits

Site Surveillance

Keep People and Assets Safe

EPIC iO helps you protect people, property, and physical assets from actions and events that could cause damage, loss or even lives while reducing false alarms.

Slip and fall detection to avoid lawsuits
Mobile surveillance
Keeps parking lots safer
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LPR 01_GIF_V01

License Plate REcognition

Crime Prevention via Vehicle Data

Efficiently capture suspicious vehicle data for law enforcement, preventing, halting, and providing strong evidence against crime at any scale.

Automatically captures license plates
AI extracts plate, vehicle make, model and color details
Compares plate to law enforcement's databases
Alerts officers and dispatcher within seconds

Monitor Environmental Conditions

Create the perfect shopping atmosphere by monitoring conditions, ensuring comfort for both customer and staff, enhancing everyone's experience.

Monitor in-store temperature, and humidity

Cold storage management

Smart HVAC monitoring for optimum performance

Woman in retail store sorting through rack of clothes

Disinfect. Sanitize. Deodorize.

Eliminates germs on all surfaces for a safer, healthier, and odor free environment.

Fully autonomous, requiring no maintenance or refills
Treats 2,000 square feet per unit
Reaches everywhere

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