Temporary Wireless Connectivity​

Instant, Flexible
Short-Term​ Network

Wireless connectivity is designed for quick deployment, scalable to meet specific bandwidth needs, and adaptable to the dynamic requirements of temporary scenarios.

Temporary Internet Solutions Tailored to Any Need

Everything you need at scale. 

Trade Shows and Conferences


Mobile Disaster Relief Centers

Pop Up

Film and Media Production

Temporary Healthcare Clinics

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Field Surveys and Research

Elevate Temporary Site Operations​

Empower your temporary site with instant, seamless connectivity for smooth operations and a better customer experience – all without the constraints of long-term commitments.

Unbreakable connectivity
Near instant deployment
Innovative approach to test new markets
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Day 1 Connectivity

Offers rapid, scalable and cost-effective high-speed connectivity solutions.

Accommodates diverse situations where not every set up is the same
Ease of set up including online guides
Deploys rapidly to meet the needs of emergencies and short-term usage
Flexible, adaptable, and easily relocatable where needed

Operational Efficiencies 

Enhancements are made through services and technology support.

Provides affordable connectivity
Engineered specific to the temporary event in both bandwidth and speed scenarios
Enables the demonstration and testing of new technologies, applications, and services in temporary settings.
No contracts are needed. Month to month until the mission is completed!
A factory worker is starting the machine and controls it on the dashboard while standing in the facility.

Ready to Make Your World Safer, Smarter, and More Connected?

Shaping the Future of Intelligent Operations