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Keep Parks Safe and Clean

Smart parks adapt to user needs. EPIC iO gives you a complete view of what is going on in your parks from a centralized platform​.


People visit a local park at least once per year


Average times families visit their local parks each year


Seek a high-quality park nearby when purchasing a home

EPIC iO Smart Park Solutions

Smart Parks

Centralize Park Operations and Safety

Designed to be sustainable, efficient, and innovative, using cutting-edge technologies, Smart Park improves operations and efficiency and provides visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Advantages and Benefits
Crosswalk Safety

Take Guesswork Out of Utilization

Accurately monitoring visitor volume, trail, and facility utilization to effectively allocate resources and offer a better visitor experience.

  • Prevent overcrowding
  • Facilitate emergency response
  • Improve infrastructure planning
  • Predict maintenance needs
Edge Communication

Improve Park Management

Simply manage all operations from a single, unified hub to centralize and scale your operations.

  • Improve collaboration
  • Automate operations
  • Custom data-driven dashboards
  • Scalable and flexible
Law Enforcement Industry (2)

Detect and Prevent Crime

Detect suspicious behaviors or defective operations, immediately alert authorities, and deter threats.

  • 24/7 secure perimeter
  • Safer bike and hike trails
  • Deter vandalism and graffiti
  • Fire and vape detection

Protect Your Park and Everyone In It

Enhance crime prevention and expedite law enforcement investigations with actionable leads.

Stop Vandalism

Guard against sundown vandals, deploy camera vision and voice down alarms.

Deter Illegal Dumping

Increase offenders' risk of getting caught, keeping your parks safer and healthier.

Avert Smash and Grabs

Make your park a hard target with deterrents like strategic lighting, voice-downs, and surveillance. Lights, cameras, no action!

Prevent Concession Stand Theft

Stop theft in high-risk areas quickly with 24/7 camera vision.

Detect Smoking and Vaping

Install the right technology to detect and control illegal behaviors without intruding on guest privacy.


 Epic Tip

  • Log every vehicle in and out of the park.
  • Capture time-stamped records noting the make, color, and license plate of every vehicle in case future investigation is needed.

Smart Parking Lots

Where Safety Meets Efficiency​

Beyond 24/7 parking lot security, our high-resolution smart cameras and sensors enhance facility management, direct visitors to underutilized areas and make it easier to collect fees.

Predict parking demand and habits​
Report against dwell times
Track and store objective vehicle data
Parking Garage- DARK BG
EPIC iO helped a California City cut its $1 Million illegal dumping problem in half, saving $450,000 annually.
Learn How

Garbage Detection

Combat Illegal Dumping

EPIC iO's AI-powered surveillance and license plate recognition
solution instantly detects, deters, and alerts as an illegal dumping incident occurs.

Significantly reduces cost to remove
Stops unsightly and often dangerous incidents
Records incidents for legal action

Public WiFi

Improve Outdoor WiFi

City and National Parks usually have WiFi hot spots, but the connection isn't always the best, especially in outdoor areas.

Public Wi-Fi

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