Empowering community safety with solar LPR and AI technology

License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras are specialized surveillance equipment tasked with one operation: to identify, capture, and log vehicle license plates to keep your community safe and deter community crimes such as:

  • Illegal Dumping
  • Parking Lot Thefts
  • Trespassing

When LPR is combined with DeepInsights™, monitoring activity in vulnerable, even remote areas becomes a breeze. The connected AI technology separates business-as-usual from vehicles that are not permitted or expected in designated areas. You will receive a real-time alert via text or email whenever one of these vehicles is identified.

Communities That Benefit from LPR Cameras

When vehicles are present in a space requiring security, but the space is bigger than the security team, AI-enabled LPR Cameras can help:

  • Public safety and law enforcement
  • Smart and secure parks
  • Public works and utility companies
  • Homeowner associations
  • Manufacturing plants

Each type of organization can leverage LPR cameras day or night, even in remote locations, to prevent crime, protect the community, and assist the police in providing evidence.

5 Key Benefits of Solar LPR Cameras

Seasoned security teams and community leaders rely on these five key benefits:

  • 1. Accuracy
    LPR cameras specialize in one task: capturing license plate scans. And they do it with uncanny accuracy, even in inclement weather, poor lighting (using night vision in low light conditions), or when the vehicle travels at high speeds.
  • 2. Portable
    Operating on either an internal battery or an external solar panel, a solar LPR camera can be set up almost anywhere. This LPR camera stays connected through an included cellular data plan to deploy quickly and efficiently, allowing you to swiftly begin collecting information and monitoring your community.
  • 3. Easy to use
    The License Plate Recognition Solar Camera coupled with EPIC iO’s DeepInsights™ is simple to use. Once the cameras are installed, the system does the rest. LPR data is collected and analyzed in real-time, separating the useful and relevant instances from innocuous events that don’t require intervention, deterrence, or law enforcement engagement. Alarm events are sent via 4G/LTE cellular connection to DeepInsights™ for visualization and reporting.
  • 4. Quality Evidence
    In the event of criminal activity, captured LPR images can be used to help law enforcement build compelling case files to secure arrests and convictions. As knowledge grows of LPR systems, they become more of a deterrent to would-be criminals, just like home security surveillance helps deter burglars.
  • 5. Immediate Notification
    Security protocols can immediately alert private security and law enforcement of security incidents, creating opportunities for early threat isolation and quick resolution.

How EPIC iO makes LPR hassle-free

EPIC iO’s LPR Solar Cameras make surveillance cost-efficient and hassle-free for users by efficiently leveraging AI to do the heavy lifting of constant monitoring and data capture. Communities enjoy peace of mind knowing that the EPIC iO system alerts security and law enforcement per security protocols only in the event of suspicious activity or breaches by unauthorized vehicles. With its deterrent system, security teams can remotely attempt to mitigate unlawful behavior before further deployment or engagement. And no matter the outcome, DeepInsights™:

  • Automatically captures vehicle images
  • Produces a video of the activity for evidence
  • Converts images into readable files
  • Allows files to be searched by license plate, make, model, and color

VIP and Hot List Vehicles

Through EPIC iO DeepInsights™, security teams can even create and upload VIP vehicle lists, as well as hot listed vehicle. Preselecting authorized and unauthorized vehicles allows communities to focus security efforts specifically on unauthorized vehicles. DeepInsights™ compares LPR results to the license plate lists to determine if additional action is needed.

Get more done with fewer resources

AI-enabled Solar LPR Cameras help your security team do more with fewer resources. This cost-efficient solution can be quickly and efficiently deployed in remote areas, giving you the confidence that your area of concern is being monitored 24/7, helping your community stay safe and secure. If an event does occur, the AI-enabled technology will capture video and images of the vehicles in question, adding the data to a sortable database to build case files as needed, all while following security protocols to alert private security and/or law enforcement to respond accordingly.

Learn more about how EPIC iO Solar LPR Cameras can help you secure your community today.