EPIC iO integrates computer vision, biosecurity and AIoT for safer and smarter cities, businesses and other venues 

New Features in Leading DeepInsights™ AIoT Platform Help Reduce Crime, 

Improve Crowd and Traffic Management

FORT MILL, SC— March 7, 2023—EPIC iO, a technology leader in applied AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things), today announced key upgrades to its industry-leading DeepInsights™ platform that will, among other things, help smart cities and other organizations control traffic and crime, improve crowd safety, and reduce infectious diseases.  As the core of EPIC iO turnkey solutions that address real-world problems, DeepInsights™ delivers the data collection and management, intelligence, and automated responses needed to get the most out of IoT technology.

DeepInsights™’ AI-powered analysis drives all EPIC iO solutions. As an open, cloud-native and highly flexible analysis engine, DeepInsights™ takes in diverse data sets from IoT sensors like video cameras, environmental sensors, and external third-party systems (normalizing these diverse data streams and analyzing the optimized data flows using AI and other unique capabilities), and then presents findings and notifications on a comprehensive dashboard that offers insights for any application. The platform incorporates neural network algorithms, machine learning, and enhanced AI data modeling into its analyses to reveal exactly what is happening in any environment in real time.

New features in DeepInsights™ include:

  • A next-generation Computer Vision AI model for object detection and enhanced tracking and analysis that can be deployed to edge devices
  • A fine-grained Classification module that recognizes fire, trash, tents, movement, ​crowd size, and other unique items and events
  • A new Rules Wizard that simplifies AI rules creation across multiple sensor endpoints
  • A biosecurity module that reports pathogen contamination
  • Cloud Dashboard templates that simplify visualization and analysis for multi-site organizations.

DeepInsights™’ unique technology supports the industry’s most advanced AIoT solutions. For example, a parking lot security system uses Computer Vision, license plate recognition and audio monitoring to report on congestion, accidents, available spaces and potential theft. A store security and management system analyzes real-time or recorded video to report shopper volume, dwell times, accidents, loitering and theft.

“As the only company that integrates everything from sensors and network connectivity to analysis and visualization to deliver complete solutions, EPIC iO uniquely enables its highly diverse customer base to leverage and profit from AIoT technologies,” said Ken Mills, CEO of EPIC iO. “Whether the goal is improving efficiency, keeping employees and customers healthy or reducing crime, our technology helps customers exceed their IoT expectations, and DeepInsights™ is at the core of every solution.”

About EPIC iO

EPIC iO's future vision is a world in which IoT use and data intelligence reach their full potential through AI integration. We provide software focused technology that leverages 5G-ready connectivity combined with AIoT solutions to help all businesses become safer, smarter and more connected. By utilizing our open AI platform, DeepInsights™, public sector and private enterprises can extract and intelligently generate and analyze IoT data. This real-time data provides high-value, actionable insights through a single, integrated source. For more information, visit www.EPICiO.com.




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