Smart Manufacturing

Combine AI, IoT, and Connectivity to create your Smart Space

Smart Spaces is our comprehensive end-to-end AIoT solution for offices and other facilities, to deliver safer, smarter, and more connected spaces.

Smarter Community

Safer Industries

Improve efficiency and responsiveness, especially around workplace safety. Detect security threats and stay one step ahead. Utilize AIoT evidence for maximum impact.


Connected Industries

Expand resilient access to urban and remote locations with 4G IoT connectivity, and prepare for 5G and beyond.


Smarter IndustriesSpaces

Gain real-time Industry 4.0 operations and effectiveness insights to create smart environments. This includes PLC and SCADA system integration, robotic automation, predictive maintenance, quality assurance, and facility and inventory management.

Our Solution

Smart Manufacturing addresses the challenges faced by Industry 4.0 that companies rely on to run their manufacturing floor and businesses through AI and IoT-enabled features combined with ultra-fast wireless connectivity that seamlessly integrates into the digital environment.

Most Common Use Cases

Smart Manufacturing

Smart & Secure Parking

Leverage IntelliSite IoT and AI analytics to identify suspicious activities in parking lots, and to understand the overall parking occupancy and parking bay availability, providing a more secure and smarter service to the community or business.

Entrance Control with LPR

Blacklisted and whitelisted vehicle lists can be created on DeepInsights to provide real-time alerts and notifications to law enforcement or private security staff. DeepInsights compares recognized vehicle results against a list of targeted license plates.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting intelligence holds great promise for improving the energy efficiency of your community or business. Get real-time data via IntelliSite’s DeepInsights dashboard to showcase potential activity at specific areas during off-peak hours so you can provide the exact levels of light through a simple management web-based interface.

Smart Manufacturing

Internet Failover

4G/LTE FaaST Failover automatically provides your business with the continuous connection you need to conduct business efficiently and effectively.

Video Monitoring

Capture and document activities throughout your community with video stored at the edge.

Leak Monitoring

Get an alert when a leak is detected.Leak detection is what protects your infrastructure.

Humidity Sensor

Our sensors provide highly accurate relative humidity and temperature readings over a wide working range.


Use IoT air flow sensors to detect air flow levels through HVAC ducts and air quality sensors to detect presence of CO2 or air pollutants.

Air Quality Monitoring

Measures air velocity, air temperature, humidity, and altitude (or barometric pressure) for a wide range of applications where ventilation and air temperature is critical. Remotely monitor filters, systems, and components tomanipulate air, contain infectious particles, and assist with proper filtration.

Success Stories

Nemak Manufacturing Line
Automotive Industry
City of Riverbank
Smart Spaces
Evolving State Agency Safety
Northwest Hospital

How it Works?

Edge Camera
Edge Sensors & Cameras

Connect existing cameras or new cameras to our edge compute device to automatically analyze video and IoT data. We provide a 200-plus IoT sensor catalog for you to monitor the health and safety of your environments.


Use AI and analytical tools to predict outcomes and trends. The platform allows you to create and change the rules to set up alerts and notifications. It is also, compatible with 3rd party AI and sensors for best-of-breed solutions.


Customer-facing platform to provide the end user with real-time alerts, video monitoring and data visualization. The platform is fully containerized to allow for deployment at the edge, on-premise or in the cloud.

IOT AI analytics
IoT & AI Analytics

Connect your existing or new cameras to our edge compute device to start gathering highly accurate AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights.

Solar Power

Our solutions include 4G LTE/5G connectivity to connect all devices into a single platform - plus easily manage, monitor and scale all AIoT solutions.

Edge Computing

Deep learning-based AI and IoT data is being processed at the edge in a single end-to-end platform.


Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by collecting and analyzing data in real-time, while the data is useful and relevant.

End-to-End Solution

Everything you need from cameras, IoT sensors, edge, cloud, or MEC compute to the dashboards and reports you will use every day.


Combine 4G/5G connectivity with IoT sensors and cutting-edge AI to predict, notify, and constantly learn.

Predictable Costs

Recurring monthly plans to help communities and businesses achieve their goals of being safer and smarter.

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