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Ready to embark on a journey of growth, success, and unparalleled competitive advantage? As part of EPIC iO’s partner ecosystem, you get access to training, engineering, sales support, and marketing resources to elevate both your business and your clients.

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Our Partner Profile

EPIC iO supports three different partner-based routes to market.​

System Integrators

System Integrators

Increase your value proposition and save deployment and maintenance costs by adding EPIC iO capabilities to your services.



Whether you are a VAR, an aggregator of services, or a carrier, expand your offering through an OEM partnership.

Technology Consultants

Technology Advisors

Expand your services, explore new markets, and outpace the competition with innovative solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and drive profitability.

Benefits of Partnering with EPIC iO

Engineered Wireless

4G and 5G+ Bonded Speeds

Single Source Provider

We engineer an end-to-end managed solution eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Marketing and Training

On-demand. Co-brandable resources.

Extensive Technology Portfolio

With our diverse technology portfolio, you get more versatility, scalability and holistic solutions for success.

Rapid Deployment

Multiple carrier access available within days not weeks or months. Temporary and permanent connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

Focused Industry Expertise

Over two decades of technology experience fuels unparalleled support for our partners. Virtual and on-site project assistance.

Partner Ready Technology

Our partner ecosystem offers a range of intuitive products and software solutions designed to maximize operational productivity, efficiencies and profitability. Our architecture enables you to develop and adapt quickly to changing market demands.






Wireless 4G/5G Solutions


Internet backup. Business continuity. Providing a diverse path to the internet that cannot be cut by terrestrial disruption.

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Temporary Internet

Ultra-fast, high-availability, and wireless for short-term project sites.

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Primary Internet

Remote locations. Primary circuit backup. Kiosks, Store within a store, Wireless WAN, IoT, and device monitoring.

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LTE POTS Replacement

Fire, Alarm, Elevator, and VoLTE/FAX.

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Site Security

Improving location safety through scalable comprehensive AI-enabled IoT solutions

Smart Parks Security

Increase community access and confidence by bolstering park safety and quality

Traffic & LPR

Improve traffic and pedestrian safety with flow analysis and license plate recognition forensics and alerts

Smart Parking & Monitoring

Enhance safety, security, and operational effectiveness of parking lots with AI-enriched data

Smart Spaces

Utilize video analytics and environmental and system monitoring to enhance operational effectiveness and security

People Counting

Monitor and analyze foot traffic trends to manage operations and maintain occupancy compliance

Environmental Monitoring

Leverage IoT sensor data to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental conditions to improve safety and reduce pollution

Illegal Dumping

Deter illegal dumping with video surveillance, smart lighting, and voice down intervention


AI-Powered, sustainable solution for autonomous room disinfection improving health and safety

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