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Keep Up With Growth

Technology helps city planners address the challenges of delivering essential services like public safety, traffic control, waste management, and emergency response to a rapidly growing population.

World's population lives in urban areas today and will continue to grow
Of energy consumption are used by cities
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EPIC iO is Committed to Help Cities Drive Change​

Smart Parks

Simplify City Management

Beyond simplifying urban governance, EPIC iO's smart technologies helps city managers deliver better, faster, data-driven outcomes enhancing city life and promising a brighter future for its citizens.

People Detection Counting Crowd Detection Blue

Urban Planning and Governance

Balance citizen needs to service.

  • Prevent overcrowding
  • Facilitate emergency response
  • Improve infrastructure planning
  • Predict maintenance needs
Edge Communication

Energy Sustainability and Resilience

Manage all operations from a unified hub to centralize and scale your operations.

  • Improve collaboration
  • Automate operations
  • Custom data-driven dashboards
  • Scalable and flexible
Law Enforcement Industry (2)

Insight, Agility, and Automation

Enabled by AIoT to coordinate city management efforts and streamline delivery of services.

  • 24/7 secure perimeter
  • Safer bike and hike trails
  • Deter vandalism and graffiti
  • Smoke and vape detection

Managing Demand

Leveraging AI to track and optimize energy consumption across the city's portfolio of buildings avoids drawing energy during peak demand periods, cutting costs and easing strain on energy grids.

Automate power-hungry energy sources
Smart lighting
Increased sustinability
A man wearing a hard hat and vest stands in front of wind turbines, ready to work on them.
Cars driving on road with traffic lights.

Prioritize Motion Over Speed

Improve peak-hour traffic flow while ensuring compliance with traffic laws.

Wrong way drivers detection
Speed and red light violation capture​
License plate and objective vehicle recognition​

Detect and Prevent Crime

Safeguard any area with high-resolution smart cameras and sensors for 24/7 safety detect suspicious behaviors immediately alert authorities, and deter threats.

Illegal dumping
Vandalism and graffiti​​
A security camera in front of a tall building, monitoring the surroundings for enhanced safety.
First Responder

Priority Connectivity

Equip first responders with secure, dedicated connectivity facilitating communications during emergencies or large-scale events for faster, life-saving response​.

Never compete with commercial traffic
High-confidence reliability​
Real-time voice/text, images, video, and location info transfer​

Smarter Intersection Planning​

Each year 42,000 vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians converge and die at US traffic intersections, and thousands more are injured​.

Monitor vehicle flow, quantify, type, direction
Monitor left turn queue
Alerts: congestion, wrong-way driver, jaywalking​​
is scaas infographic intersection traffic

AI-Powered Cross Walk Protection​

Monitors utilization, wait times, and jaywalkers. Instantly informs drivers and pedestrians to danger with sounds and alerts.

Measure volume, direction, and type of traffic (car, bike, people)
Detect near misses​
Identify traffic violations​
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"We have access to that database when we need it, but we don't have the time, energy, and resources to sit there and monitor everything."

— Erin Kiely, Police Chief of Riverbank

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