Customer Story

Urban safety: How AI-enabled surveillance by EPIC iO bolsters law enforcement in Riverbank, CA


Cities of all sizes can be thought of as an ecosystem, with many different elements playing a critical role in how it impacts the community-at-large. Any breakdown in public services can have disastrous effects on a large number of people. City and government officials are continuously challenged with keeping their communities safe and healthy. These leaders need to be conscious and proactively diligent in handling a variety of considerations - traffic and infrastructure, public safety, public works, and more. Additionally, public safety has become a critical measure in keeping with CDC guidelines and state and local ordinances, such as occupancy management, mask compliance, and thermal screening for contagion control.

The city of Riverbank, CA was in need of a solution that could help augment their law enforcement’s efforts in protecting the city’s downtown area, which had been victimized by various criminal activity. Riverbank was investigating whether or not to bolster its law enforcement staff to meet demand or install cameras to act as another line of defense.


The City of Riverbank started working with EPIC iO to complement their police department, recognizing that EPIC iO’s AI-enabled solution for Public Safety would enable their security force to run more efficiently and effectively by providing intelligent data and tools. Riverbank expanded its downtown solution to incorporate video monitoring to parking locations in its Riverwalk shopping section to decrease the amount of crime and car break-ins that had been reported.


Increased Efficiency

The combination of hardware + software features acted as an extension of on-the-ground patrolling, being able to recognize potential threats in the area, and diffuse situations without physical intervention.

Improved Community Service

An elderly woman with dementia got lost in the city and, instead of dispatching officers to search for her, the police department used EPIC iO’s DeepInsights™ analytic capabilities to track her movements throughout the day in order to find her current location. This was accomplished within hours.

Added Accuracy of Information

A fatal car crash occurred the day before Christmas in 2019. EPIC iO’s video capabilities and analytics were used to determine that the cause of the accident was a result of excessive speed. This information was used in court to close the case.

“We also see value from a traffic monitoring and engineering perspective. We will be able to produce real time traffic data that can aid in our planning for future traffic and roadway projects.”

- Sean Scully, City Manager