Customer Story

Implementing uninterrupted oil and gas monitoring powered by multi-carrier wireless connectivity


A leading company in the oil and gas sector needed a reliable, proven solution to provide uninterrupted monitoring of a variety of gas pipelines located in the northern Great Plains of North Dakota, a difficult task due to its harsh climate, especially in the dead of winter. The company encountered a myriad of issues in implementing a solution that could withstand the environmental challenges of the region. The collection device for their Pipeline Monitoring solution needed to accept DC power, withstand negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, and reliably send data on Pipeline Operations to its control center


With EPIC iO, the oil and gas company was able to receive a reliable, robust solution that could withstand the technological and environmental demands of North Dakota’s severe winter climate, as well as utilize this solution across all of their job sites.

Additionally, with EPIC iO as their single-source provider, the company receives the best wireless connectivity for each job site, reduced operational costs, and real-time visibility into their wireless network.


The EPIC iO technology, engineering, and operations teams developed a fully-managed solution to roll out wireless connectivity to existing and new remote sites. The standardized, rapid deployment process included ruggedized equipment for challenging environments - pre-engineered for the lowest latency, highest quality signal, and fastest speeds specific to each location. With EPIC iO as their single-source solution, the company has one view into their wireless network, a single invoice, and pooled carrier data plans.

COVERAGE across all remote oil field operations - a long-term goal for the company.
COST SAVINGS in reduced travel to remote sites for connectivity installation and equipment maintenance.
MORE COVERAGE with ultra-fast, reliable cellular wireless connectivity.



“Getting reliable connectivity for all of our sites, especially in a challenging outdoor environment, was an ongoing challenge for our company. Simply put, the EPIC iO solution just works, we’re going to use this at all our sites.”

- Leading Oil and Gas Company