Law enforcement efficiency: The impact of license plate recognition on resource optimization

Police forces, parks and recreation departments, and many other agencies are experiencing budget cuts and staff reductions. Whether it's a lack of funding for all the positions or a shortage of people to fill them, it can make things difficult. Those who remain are expected to do more work because there are fewer people to handle the load. Fortunately, there's an option that can help: license plate recognition.

With a license plate recognition camera, you can monitor high-traffic roads, track toll areas, gather information from parking lots, and much more. An LPR solution is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to help keep your community safe and protected, even when your agency is short-staffed. During those times, it's vital that you make the most of the manpower you have, and cameras are among the best ways to stretch your budget and your abilities without putting extra strain on employees.

You Have Access to a Searchable Database

The searchable database that comes with our LPR solution has license plate numbers, along with the vehicle's make, model, and color. That makes it easy to narrow down the vehicle, ensure that the plate matches the vehicle description, and refine any kind of search you're performing. Using the information forensically also goes a long way toward reducing crime and making a neighborhood, highway, park, or other area safer for the entire community that uses it.
With the convenience of the database, you can quickly and accurately identify plates, which helps you monitor the movement in and around specific locations. If there are areas where crime is a bigger concern, or if reports are coming in frequently about a problematic vehicle, having a database to search from is a great start toward finding offending vehicles and locating their owners to reduce any kind of risky or concerning behavior.

Partial Plate Search is an Option

One of the biggest benefits of license plate recognition is that you can search for a partial plate. If something was obscuring a couple of the characters on the plate, or for some reason only part of it was captured, you can look for the visible characters and be presented with matches. From those matches, narrowing down the vehicle based on make, model, and color is much easier. That can help you find a vehicle more easily.
Another way the partial plate search adds value is when it's combined with citizen information. If someone calls in their concerns about a vehicle in the area but they weren't able to get the full license plate information, you still have a starting point for your investigation. That can often tell you a lot more than just getting the make and color of the car, so you can pursue the call and discover whether the vehicle is one that may be putting others in an area at risk.

Get Alerts for Hot Listed Vehicles

If there are hot-listed vehicles (blacklisted vehicles) that aren't allowed in the area or that you're looking for, you can set the system up to provide you with alerts. You won't need to manually watch a video feed, which will free you and your team up to perform other tasks.
Especially if you're low on manpower for your particular department, having alerts can help increase what your employees can do, instead of tying up their time with video feeds. You don't want to designate an employee to spend hours watching a feed, especially when it's possible that they could accidentally miss what they're looking for. Instead, let them spend their time out and about, taking care of concerns for citizens or dealing with other issues. You can get an alert if the blacklisted vehicle appears.

Cover More Areas Simultaneously

One of the best advantages to EPIC iO is that it can cover both busy streets and the quiet back roads, along with more isolated areas. That will help officers get more done, and provide coverage over more of their patrol area, instead of having them split over which ones to cover. They'll be better able to protect people in those areas, and fewer issues with vehicles will be overlooked or missed due to a lack of patrol in the area.

The DeepInsights™ AI Platform is Always Working

The DeepInsights™ AI platform is always operating, and always capturing license plates. This is an open AIoT platform, that comes with AI and IoT cameras and sensors, right out of the box. Not only does it come with the things you need most, but it also offers the freedom to add your own devices and sensors. You can scale up as your needs change, so the system will continue to work with you for a long time.
DeepInsights™ will aggregate and analyze IoT data, and provide you with actionable and high-value insights, all in one convenient place. A license plate recognition camera system is the way to make sure you have the monitoring, information, and insight you need, even if you don't have the number of employees you would like when it comes to covering everything that's important to your department and your community. You can provide more value and additional security with an LPR solution that fits your needs.

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