Elevating safety: Advanced AIoT tech is redefining perimeter security

Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, all industries benefit from technological progress. Site and perimeter security are no different, as innovative technology continues to push the security industry forward.  Here are six of the latest trends in site security you need to know about, as they can directly impact how you think about securing your own site and perimeter security configuration.

Increasing Integrations

Site security trends show that security professionals are looking to bolt on even more tools to make better use of technology in the field. IoT sensors, thermal cameras, and voice-down messaging are all being integrated and deployed in new and creative ways to deter potential criminals and alert security personnel even earlier to potential disturbances. Interoperability will continue to be critical as security teams choose systems built for future integrations.

Proactive vs. Reactive Event-Based Triggers

In lieu of passive, reactive 24x7 recording, real-time data analysis engines are instead continuously monitoring scenes in real-time to evaluate and identify events that trigger action. This same theory of event-based activity is beginning to permeate other industries, like manufacturing, as well. The approach delivers more meaningful results and actionable insights faster to the industries that adopt the technology.

Iterative Improvements from AI to Mitigate False Alarms

Technology is finally providing a solution to decrease the number of false alarms, and its initials are A.I. By investing in artificial intelligence engines, providers can begin eliminating the false alarms that frustrate security personnel. Legacy systems were trained to look for the percent of pixels that change, creating false alarms from shadows caused by clouds, rain, blowing leaves, and even changes in daylight. Thankfully, AI is changing all that by looking for vehicles and people. The more an AI system learns, the more reliable the results become.

Wireless Cellular Cameras and Solar Panels

Effectively monitoring a large perimeter used to require miles of powerlines and ethernet cables. The solution was financially impractical in many instances, leaving remote areas vulnerable. Today, advancements in both cellular technology like 5G and solar panel battery capacity have resulted in the development of small, lightweight cellular cameras powered by solar panels. These are now being deployed cost-efficiently to secure the entirety of large perimeters, even in obscure locations.

Increased Wireless Bandwidth

Another benefit of building out the 5G infrastructure is that overall costs are falling, stability is rising, and bandwidth is increasing. Full streaming video may still be a challenge today with wireless, but with AI in the cloud, innovative setups are triggering event-based actionable insights in real-time.

Touchless Access Control Systems

The use of both touchless access controls and mobile access controls as a part of site security systems is growing in popularity in both commercial and public works applications. When coupling ALPR with AI, for instance, these systems can easily allow access only to authorized vehicles within secure facilities, parking lots, or private communities while saving on labor.

If your site security system is more than a handful of years old, your organization may be missing out on all the benefits that today’s site and perimeter security solutions can deliver. By exploring options to upgrade, you can improve your system today while setting it up for success tomorrow.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Upgrade to a Trendsetter

Here at EPIC iO we make sure to stay on the cutting edge of technology. As a result, our site security solution integrates each of these trends. EPIC iO’s solution, powered by DeepInsights™ AI, is continuously improving its solutions by analyzing data at the edge through the UIG. The more data EPIC iO DeepInsights™ intakes, the more accurate its analysis is for you, making EPIC iO the most inclusive, informative solution available.

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