License Plate
Recognition (LPR)

Leverage EPIC iO’s LPR technology to quickly and efficiently identify, research, and flag license plates to law enforcement and investigative units in order to help increase the safety and security of the community.


EPIC iO’s vehicle recognition solution for homeowner associations, public safety and law enforcement, smart and secure parks, and intelligent transportation, utilizes AI technology to detect vehicles as they pass by from multiple cameras. The cameras capture vehicle images and convert them into a readable and searchable license plate, make, model and color data, and produce an associated video clipper vehicle for evidence.

Advanced technology

The solution allows capturing up to two lanes with a single camera, processing video with AI at the edge, and sending the data to the EPIC iO DeepInsights cloud or on-premise-based dashboard visualization and reporting platform.
The self-contained edge compute rugged device is often mounted on poles such as a streetlamp, from which it can draw power, or it can also be solar-powered for remote site locations. It uses a 4G/LTE cellular connection to communicate with DeepInsights and for remote health device monitoring and event monitoring through EPIC iO NOC service to take appropriate action in accordance with the established security protocol.
Blacklisted and whitelisted vehicle lists can be created on DeepInsights to provide real-time alerts and notifications to law enforcement or private security staff. DeepInsights compares recognized vehicle results against a list of targeted license plates. The database of license plates isupdated from the US Department of Justice on a daily basis. Support for other regions outside of the US can also be provided. Vehicle information is also searchable post-event, and any license plate, make, model, and color matches found are provided within its associated video of the event for easy and quick search.


The criminal activity relative to the police resources typically available in a community is heavily skewed. Action is quicker than reaction, and with officers not being able to be everywhere at once, they are often overburdened with providing the safety and security of their community. The majority of crimes in public or private spaces are linked to vehicle activity, and with much activity happening at once, it’s difficult to proactively, efficiently, and effectively identify perpetrators.

Anytime a bad guy or person of interest to law enforcement comes in here and their tag is read, it will notify our entire police department. We're trying to keep the bad guys out and protect our citizens.
We hope the cameras will just scare people from doing anything wrong, but if they do anything wrong, we then have evidence to go after them.
HONOLULU PARKSDirector Michele Nekota

How long is video retained?

Video recording is stored at the edge, near the camera, for plus 30 days. Live video is pulled into DeepInsights cloud platform on demand so it does not consume your cellular bandwidth.

How long can I search for license plates?

A small amount of plate metadata and the image of the plate is stored securely in the cloud for more than 60 days, making searching possible during this time. More storage capacity can be requested.

How do I search for a specific license plate and what evidence can I export?

You will use DeepInsights to search for a license plate. You can export still images of the plate, a picture of the vehicle, and associated video.

How much cellular bandwidth will I need?

The system consumes bandwidth to upload cropped images of the plates and metadata. As a rough guide, for 100,000 license plates in a month, the system will consume about 0.2 Mbps and about 2 GB per month.

How fast can vehicles be travelling?

Our solution allows us to recognize license plates at full speed on highways.

How do car lights affect accuracy?

To read the plate accurately, the system relies on an IR illuminator and cutting out visible light. One of the repercussions of this technology is the LPR camera is usually unable to provide much additional information about the vehicle itself because it is so dark. For this reason, it is common to install an additional ‘context’ or ‘overview’ camera to try and capture some details about the vehicle – at the expense of license plate detail.

Can I reuse our fiber that already exists at an intersection?

Yes, the system can reuse your fiber infrastructure instead of using a cellular connection.

If it is solar powered, how does it work at night?

The on-board battery completely powers the system for up to 30 days. Also, the camera has night vision, which uses an IR illumination to provide a clear image at night.



An elderly woman with dementia got lost in the City of Riverbank. Instead of dispatching officers to search for her, the police department used EPIC iO’s DeepInsights platform to find her car and track her movements throughout the day. Within hours, her location was identified and she was brought home safely.



Removes the need for officers to manually search for license plate numbers on hours of video, helping solve crime in less time

Notifies law enforcement and private security in no time allowing for quick resolution of security incidents before they become a major threat for the community

Stop perpetrators at the right time in their tracks with “voice-downs”

Maintains activity records for crime investigations and compliance with law

70% reduction in crime has been seen by simply adding automated AI-enabled license plate recognition



EPIC iO enables your city’s law enforcement to benefit from our technology with an affordable monthly fee. Our affordable plan eliminates the initial expenditure and combines the cost of all the solution components:
  • Edge compute UIG hardware
  • Our innovative IntelliSite software
  • IntelliCare
  • Eyes On
  • HD cameras
  • IoT sensors
All-in-one simple price that’s only a few hundred dollars per month provides a very low barrier to access cutting-edge security technology powered by AI and IoT.

 In Use

See how clients have utilized our Smart LPR solution to solve their unique security issues.
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LPR Components

Ruggedized edge compute gateway (UIG) with AI hardware acceleration

High resolution cameras pointing to the 

IntelliSite AI Software for loitering, trespassing, license plate recognition

Deep Insights for Visualization, Search and
Video Management

Cellular 4G/LTE connectivity (5G where available)

“Voice down” loudspeaker and microphone

Solar power source (optional add-on)

24x7 remote support and event monitoring service