License Plate
Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition Camera System

Monitor your entire city or company with one end-to-end software solution with License Plate Recognition by EPIC iO. Our cameras and sensors monitor all types of traffic, both high traffic and low traffic, giving you extensive video analytics on your community or business in our open AI platform DeepInsights. Perfect for implementation by a police force, a parks department or other organization, this LPR software integrates data from all streets, allowing you to have your eyes on an entire area at once. So what sets our license plate recognition software, cameras and sensors apart from the competition? Our end-to-end software solution:
  • Is easy to use
  • Has broad applications
  • Comes with remote access
  • Provides instant notifications
  • Is flexible and scalable
Utilizes edge computing
  • Identify plates quickly and accurately
  • Flag plates, even with partial information
  • Monitor movement in and around a location
  • Locate vehicles quickly from one central location
  • Make your city safer


EPIC iO’s LPR Solution

When you choose LPR by EPIC iO, you gain access to powerful IoT cameras and sensors full of EPIC iO’s technology that utilizes AI to capture the license plate, make and model of each vehicle.
Our adaptable system can handle nearly every traffic situation. are solar-powered and all boast edge computing technology, so both the cameras and sensors wake up when needed, forgoing the need for costly repairs and upgrades on a routine basis. The health of each unit can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need for person-to-unit contact unless absolutely necessary.



An elderly woman with dementia got lost in the City of Riverbank. Instead of dispatching officers to search for her, the police department used EPIC iO’s DeepInsights platform to find her car and track her movements throughout the day. Within hours, her location was identified and she was brought home safely.


Locate Vehicles -- And Loved Ones

One vital community service becomes much simpler when you leverage these easy-to-use cameras. Over 1,114 children have been retrieved during an Amber Alert situation, but this tech could increase that number exponentially by providing police with immediate alerts when specific vehicles are monitored. This type of tech can also help quickly locate elderly family members who have gotten lost, ensuring that they are returned to safety and their families. With license plate recognition in place, you can more effectively protect the most vulnerable citizens in your community.

Providing Portable, Reliable

Support When You Need It Most

Need portability for your units based on traffic patterns, events or stakeouts? Our solar cameras can easily be moved from one place to another for temporary purposes.
Shockingly, nearly 75% of police departments in the United States have less than 20 officers. This means that officers have a lot of ground to cover and a lack of time and resources to do so. Unfortunately, with resources spread thin, it is possible for vehicles to slide through without being noticed. Now, with Epic iO’s powerful LPR technology, officers have the ability to be in more than one place at a time.
Police departments can use license plate recognition technology to:
  • Increase their presence without expending valuable resources
  • Gain valuable analytics with video technology
  • Automatically capture license plate numbers
  • Compare plate numbers to databases
  • Set up automatic alerts to flag blacklisted or unwanted vehicles
Blanket your city with one single solution. Harness our power for the good of your community or organization.

LPR Components

Universal IoT Gateway (UiG)
with edge compute and AI
hardware acceleration

High Traffic LPR
cameras for busy

license plate recognition

DeepInsights for
visualization, search, and video

Cellular 4G/LTE connectivity
(5G where available)

“Voice down” loudspeaker and

Solar Powered cameras
for low traffic areas

24×7 remote support
and event monitoring service

Frequently asked questions

How long is video retained?

Video recording is stored at the edge, near the camera, for plus 30 days. Live video is pulled into DeepInsights cloud platform on demand so it does not consume your cellular bandwidth.

How long can I search for license plates?

A small amount of plate metadata and the image of the plate is stored securely in the cloud for more than 60 days, making searching possible during this time. More storage capacity can be requested.

How do I search for a specific license plate and what evidence can I export?

You will use DeepInsights to search for a license plate. You can export still images of the plate, a picture of the vehicle, and associated video.

How much cellular bandwidth will I need?

The system consumes bandwidth to upload cropped images of the plates and metadata. As a rough guide, for 100,000 license plates in a month, the system will consume about 0.2 Mbps and about 2 GB per month.

How fast can vehicles be travelling?

Our solution allows us to recognize license plates at full speed on highways.

How do car lights affect accuracy?

To read the plate accurately, the system relies on an IR illuminator and cutting out visible light. One of the repercussions of this technology is the LPR camera is usually unable to provide much additional information about the vehicle itself because it is so dark. For this reason, it is common to install an additional ‘context’ or ‘overview’ camera to try and capture some details about the vehicle – at the expense of license plate detail.

Can I reuse our fiber that already exists at an intersection?

Yes, the system can reuse your fiber infrastructure instead of using a cellular connection.

If it is solar powered, how does it work at night?

The on-board battery completely powers the system for up to 30 days. Also, the camera has night vision, which uses an IR illumination to provide a clear image at night.