How technology is changing law enforcement

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Law enforcement technology plays a critical role in providing safety and security for the community and its members they serve. Importantly, policing technology can help augment a good amount of daily responsibilities for police officers – monitoring highways and public roads for speeding and reckless driving, patrolling city streets and neighborhoods, responding to emergencies and other city disturbances – the list goes on. 

Based on the exponential growth of technological capability, Cities and Counties across the country are in a constant search for effective public safety interventions that will curb crime and improve the quality of living and economic growth of their communities. While technologies such as cameras and sensors are being incorporated to help improve public safety measures, city officials are looking to build on these solutions that provide services and infrastructure that help people live safely in their homes, neighborhoods, parks, and public spaces without overextending first-responders and other law enforcement agents.

Incorporating Next-gen Technology

With continued innovations in 5G+ and other wireless connectivity technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT), it’s now possible to build solutions that incorporate real-time data into the mix to help make intelligent decisions. More and more local government officials are leveraging these AI-enabled IoT solutions to gain real-time intelligence from their communities that enable law enforcement agencies to proactively address incidents or events, manage assets, and strategically utilize their staff effectively.

With continuous video monitoring paired with AI capabilities, placing cameras across the community, especially in high-activity or downtown areas, can augment many of the patrolling responsibilities placed on members of the police force.

For example, crimes such as copper theft, illegal dumping, and vandalism can prove a heavy financial burden to tight budgets. In-person, 24/7 security and monitoring can be costly and ineffective, and departments can’t afford to station police officers in specific locations that require more attention.

Below are a few examples of how AI-enabled IoT solutions can benefit public safety and law enforcement:

  • Illegal Dumping – As highlighted in a previous blog post, illegal dumping is a common yet expensive crime. Deter this with real-time vehicle and suspicious activity detection that provides the ability to communicate with violators over loudspeakers and directly intervene or notify authorities, if necessary.
  • City Park Security – Public parks require a lot of attention, but real-time video monitoring can enhance public safety and curb common park safety issues such as vandalism, loitering, after-hour trespassers, and theft.
  • Parking Lot “Smash & Grab” – A high percentage of criminal activity in communities happen in parking lots late at night. Real-time next-gen solutions can identify crimes of opportunity such as a suspect scanning through parked cars and flag to law enforcement for intervention.

The Smart Community Path to Economic Development

Another benefit to implementing AI-enabled IoT solutions is that Smart Community initiatives contribute to the economic growth of the region. The world is urbanizing at an unprecedented speed and scale, with more than half the global population living in cities today…rising to nearly 7 out of 10 people in cities by 2050. As towns and cities grow and mature, there is an increase in competition to attract new citizens and businesses to their region, thus greatly increasing the rate of taxes and funding they bring. An intelligent community strategy will be an increased draw for citizens and a source of economic growth for communities in the future. 

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