Enhancing parking efficiency: The strategic impact of license plate ecognition Technology

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is changing the game for secured facilities managers by delivering previously unthinkable benefits to parking systems.

Thanks to the accelerated pace of today’s technology, EPIC iO’s LPR system with AI-powered DeepInsights™ is bringing real-time information, insightful reporting, and compliance monitoring to:

  • Parking facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • HOAs
  • Gated neighborhoods
  • College campuses
  • Construction sites

And more.

How LPR Optimizes Parking Facilities

EPIC iO’s technology utilizes IoT cameras and sensors along with AI to capture the license plate, make, and model of each vehicle. Along with a still photograph, facilities managers get a video of the vehicle, which is then tagged and stored. DeepInsights™ AI analyzes the data at the edge, then alerts facility security only when unauthorized vehicles are identified.

But the use of License Plate Recognition doesn’t stop there. These four ways that LPR optimizes parking facilities and only scratch the surface of what’s possible when you combine License Plate Recognition with the power of EPIC iO’s DeepInsights™.

1. Get Immediate Alerts on Targeted Vehicles

Facility managers can create a list of targeted or unauthorized vehicles. Then EPIC iO’s DeepInsights™ AI alerts security when any vehicle on the list shows up on camera. Because the analysis happens at the edge, alerts are sent immediately and can even be set up to alert law enforcement concurrently.

2. Find Available Parking Spots

Aggregated License Plate Recognition data helps drivers find available parking spots by alerting them to what levels, garages, and lots have the most availability.

3. Law Enforcement Support

License Plate Recognition data allows law enforcement personnel to quickly and efficiently identify and issue parking tickets, track suspects, and impound vehicles as needed or required.

4. Evaluate Usage

Because LPR can record vehicles as they enter and exit facilities, savvy facilities managers use the resulting data to generate reports on average vehicle occupancy, time on-premises, busiest times of day, and more to help strategically optimize the facility and the organizations it supports.

Are you ready to optimize your facility with LPR?

Whether you manage a parking facility, HOA, college campus, construction site, or any other location, find out more about how you can leverage LPR technology with EPIC iO’s AI-powered DeepInsights™ to optimize your location.