Automated Room Disinfection

Zero chemicals. Zero human involvement.
Janitorial staff have too much ground to cover in too little time. It is unreasonable to expect them to disinfect every square inch, of every room, every day. But there is a price to pay: cross-contamination and the spread of diseases without us even knowing.
The EPIC iO AURA autonomously disinfects rooms with zero human involvement. It is sustainable, environmentally safe, and uses no harmful chemicals, ensuring the health and safety of everyone using the space.
Designed to run Low and Slow, it is scheduled when the room is unoccupied, e.g. overnight. You can even schedule deeper cycles on weekends and holidays.

We provide

  • Automated disinfection of all rooms
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Inactivates MRSA, Strep, Staph + more
  • Autosenses room size, air flow, and HVAC status
  • Sustainable and environmentally safe
  • Dry and chemical-free
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How EPIC iO AURA Works

The EPIC iO AURA is a briefcase-sized appliance that creates a modified atmosphere and is scheduled to run in an unoccupied room. When it starts, the autonomous AI adapts to its environment, sensing if the room is large or small, and whether it is heavily contaminated or not.

The disinfecting air it produces circulates the entire room, sanitizing everything it touches including tabletops, counters, chairs, and hard to reach areas like hidden surfaces, shelves, walls, door frames etc. These are surfaces that are unable to be frequently sanitized because of the sheer impracticality.

Our modified atmosphere solution also senses if the HVAC is still running, temporarily paused, or if the registers and return vents have been sealed. If the HVAC is still running, then the return ducts will also receive a level of decontamination. The ducts are a common home for many bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Each unit only needs a power outlet to operate.

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From Pre-K to higher education, all classrooms are a breeding ground for germs as students move around. These germs cover all surfaces, even those that are hard to reach. Our AI automatically adjusts for the room size so you can sanitize everything from a small classroom to a larger open plan space with multiple units working together.

The average school has 20 disease transmission events per day and it is impractical for cleaning staff to disinfect every room every single day. The EPIC iO AURA is totally autonomous, running without any human involvement.

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Killing Infections in

One in twenty-five patients leave healthcare sicker than they entered it. To help fight this healthcare associated infections (HAIs) the EPIC iO AURA reaches all nooks and crannies. It is commonly used in waiting areas, bathrooms, patient rooms and outpatient treatment rooms.

Anyone presented with the responsibility of terminal cleaning knows the difference between textbook disinfection and reality. Staff might take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, and it often depends on the diagnosis of the patient. EPIC iO AURA is consistent. It delivers the same dosage, everywhere throughout the room, so that everyone has access to safe healthcare.

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Maintaining Public
Transit Hygiene

Buses, trains, and cars, see tens, hundreds, or thousands of passengers every day. They are full of crevices that are difficult to clean. With traditional cleaning methods many of these spaces are missed.

By using the AI-based EPIC iO AURA you’ll keep your ridership safe while they travel. Schedule it to run all night when it’s not in use.

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What is a
Modified Atmosphere?

We’re all familiar with controlled atmospheres – where we maintain temperature and humidity. In contrast, a modified atmosphere is where we also change the air’s composition, and therefore how it behaves. In our case, we’ve modified it to become a natural disinfectant.

The concentrations used are very low to protect people and property. It provides thorough disinfection without the use of harsh chemicals.

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DeepInsights, our AI software suite, lies at the core of our solution. It uses IoT to accurately measure current concentrations of ozone and to administer precisely measured doses of disinfectant. DeepInsights also manages all safety aspects, including warning sounds and lights, and auto-cutoff in case a motion detector is tripped.

Each time the system runs, the parameters used and the various levels are all historically preserved in DeepInsights’ data lake where you can visualize it to see trends, and use it for reporting. Customers are welcome to use the data lake to feed their own AI-based data mining systems – increasingly organizations are realizing the value of data in uncovering patterns and trends.