Modified Atmospheres for
Food Safety and Spoilage

EPIC iO AURA creates modified atmospheres for cold storage and transport, acting around the clock to eliminate foodborne pathogens after the traditional kill step.

Refrigeration slows down the growth rate of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. EPIC iO AURA destroys them for fresher, safer, produce.

The solution works throughout the journey from farm to fork, minimizing foodborne diseases and spoilage.

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Protecting Fresh Produce

We kill microorganisms with safe micro-pulses of disinfecting air into a contained area. These particles seek out and destroy microbes without harming the underlying produce. This modified atmosphere approach means that all the nooks, crannies, and crevices between produce are disinfected.

Some of our target pathogens include E. coli, Salmonella spp., Listeria mono, and Norovirus plus many others

What is a Modified Atmosphere?

We’re all familiar with controlled atmospheres – maintaining temperature and humidity. In contrast, a modified atmosphere is where we change the composition of the air, and how it behaves. We’ve modified it by adding precise doses of FDA-approved ozone to become a natural and sustainable disinfectant.

The concentrations used are very low to protect people and product. While it is running in unoccupied spaces, the scent, reminiscent of a lightning storm, dissipates naturally, leaving pure oxygen behind.

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Reducing Food Spoilage

Refrigerators don’t kill microbes, but we do. By depending exclusively on low temperatures, you’re losing more to spoilage because you’re not destroying spoilage microorganisms. Our solution combats spoilage and brings more produce to market in better conditions by actively working against pathogens that cause spoilage, including Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus subtilis, Lactococcus lactis and others.

Refrigerated Transport

The miles of transport from farm to supermarket, while generally refrigerated, still allow existing food spoilage microorganisms to persist. The EPIC iO AURA actively destroy those microbes while they are in cold storage.

One EPIC iO AURA is enough for a 53-feet container and its 3,000 cubic feet. All it needs is power. It is autonomous and will even work without network connectivity.

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Deep Insights

DeepInsights, our AI software suite, lies at the core of our solution. It uses IoT to accurately measure current concentrations of ozone and to administer precisely measured doses of disinfectant. DeepInsights also manages all safety aspects, including warning sounds and lights, and auto-cutoff in case a motion detector is tripped.

Each time the system runs, the parameters used and the various levels are all historically preserved in DeepInsights’ data lake where you can visualize it to see trends, and use it for reporting. Customers are welcome to use the data lake to feed their own AI-based data mining systems – increasingly organizations are realizing the value of data in uncovering patterns and trends.

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