EPIC iO Releases Autonomous Room Disinfection Solution

New device delivers safe, autonomous disinfection to protect occupants in classrooms, public spaces, medical facilities and other locations

FORT MILL, SC—September 21, 2022—EPIC iO, a technology leader in applied AI + IoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things), today announced EPIC iO AURA, a new room disinfection appliance, that is safe, automatically disinfects all rooms, and kills bacteria, viruses and mold to protect occupants.

This briefcase-sized biosecurity device inactivates pathogens by delivering carefully timed micro-doses of FDA-approved ozone. Ozone is proven to inactivate serious pathogens like MRSA, Staph, and Strep, making classrooms, public spaces, and medical facilities far safer than they were before.  Compared with traditional disinfectants that use chemical sprays and foggers, the EPIC iO AURA disinfects evenly throughout a room, including hidden surfaces, and is safer and easier to use.

Designed for use over a stretch of several hours (such as overnight), the automated, data-driven solution uses EPIC iO’s open AI + IoT platform, DeepInsights™, to continuously monitor the atmosphere in rooms as HVAC systems recirculate it, ensuring that the proper dose of ozone is delivered at all times. The solution also uses IoT sensors to deliver the optimal dose to achieve maximum disinfection, automatically taking into account the room size, air changes per hour, and the level of contamination.

“Many organizations are looking to improve their hygiene protocol to one that is more effective throughout the space yet still safe to administer, environmentally sustainable, and automated with consistent outcomes,” said Ken Mills, CEO of EPIC iO. “The world has struggled with the spread of disease, but now we can help to address the concerns we’ve all had around health and safety recently by creating safer spaces for everyone.”

About EPIC iO

EPIC iO’s future vision is a world in which IoT use and data intelligence reach their full potential through AI integration. We provide software focused technology that leverages 5G-ready connectivity combined with AI + IoT solutions to help all businesses become safer, smarter and more connected. By utilizing our open AI platform, DeepInsights™, public sector and private enterprises can extract and intelligently generate and analyze IoT data.

This real-time data provides high-value, actionable insights through a single, integrated source. For more information

Visit https:/epicio/biosecurity to learn more about biosecurity.


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