AI-enabled vaping detection solutions

As the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping continues to rise, so do concerns about their impact on public health and safety. Vaping bans are now commonplace in indoor public spaces, workplaces, schools, and other areas where smoking is prohibited. However, many e-cigarette users still choose to vape in the privacy of a bathroom, which can create health risks, disruptive behavior, and an overall unpleasant environment and present legal liabilities. To address this problem, AI-enabled vaping detection solutions are emerging as a powerful tool for promoting public health and safety.

EPIC iO’s Smart Sensor Solution

EPIC iO’s AI-enabled vaping detection solution captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness data. The smart sensor implemented is designed to analyze air particles for vaping and/or smoking-specific matter and send alerts to designated contacts when vaping or smoking activity is detected. The sensor can differentiate between nicotine and THC airborne residue, something many of our competitors on the market cannot.

EPIC iO’s solution includes a motion-activated camera that captures visual evidence of anyone entering or leaving the bathroom and a timestamp. The visual evidence can then be compared against the log of detected vaping activity to identify the culprit. All data collected is stored in EPIC iO\’s DeepInsights™ platform and provides real-time data analytics and historical logs.

Where You Can Use Vaping Detection

AI-enabled vaping detection solutions have a wide range of use cases across different public facilities. 

  • In K-12 schools and spaces, these solutions can deter and detect vaping activity among students, helping promote a healthier and safer learning environment, upholding school administrators’ responsibility to look after student well-being, and discouraging risky behavior that may have negative long-term health impacts. 
  • Higher education institutions can also benefit from these solutions to enforce anti-vaping policies, protect their student\’s well-being, and ensure their campus facilities are sanitary. 
  • Healthcare facilities can use these solutions to ensure a smoke-free environment for patients and visitors, who are especially at risk of exposure to secondhand harmful chemicals, and to comply with regulatory requirements. 
  • Other public facilities, such as government buildings, airports, and malls, can also benefit from AI-enabled vaping detection solutions to promote a smoke-free environment, simplify facility management, and improve both customer and employee experiences..

Benefits of Utilizing An AI Solution

Implementing AI-enabled vaping detection solutions offers several benefits, including deterring vaping in public restrooms, promoting a safer and healthier environment, reducing legal risks and consequences, and improving overall facility management and experience. By deterring vaping, these solutions can help to create a more comfortable and safe environment for everyone who uses public restrooms. Reducing legal risks and consequences is particularly important for schools and healthcare facilities, where the consequences of vaping in public restrooms can be severe. 

Additionally, these solutions provide detailed activity logs and visual evidence, which can help facility managers identify and address any vaping-related issues. 

Cost-Effectiveness of AI-Enabled Vaping Detection Solutions

AI-enabled vaping detection solutions are cost-effective compared to traditional methods of detecting vaping activity. Traditional methods, such as tasking staff to monitor restrooms, takes away from their other responsibilities and are often ineffective. AI-enabled vaping detection solutions are more accurate, require less manpower, and can save money in the long term.

Fight Vaping with EPIC iO

AI-enabled vaping detection solutions like ours are a valuable tool in the fight against vaping in public restrooms. Our solution offers several advantages, including real-time notifications, detailed activity logs, motion-activated cameras for visual evidence, the distinction between nicotine and THC particles, and accessible and convenient data. If you would like to learn more about our solution, contact our team today