Ultra-fast 4G and 5G failover for fiber circuits

Companies today have a need – a need for higher internet speeds.

For today’s business demands, the amount of data that is required by companies is growing exponentially. In 2016, businesses required 43.3 billion gigabytes of data to operate, compared to today, which has jumped drastically to 141.73 billion gigabytes. By 2023, it’s estimated that organizations will require 224.88 billion gigabytes of data to run their business effectively.

The rise in data requirements continue to grow as a result of organizations’ further cloud reliance to power their applications. The cloud provides enormous benefits, such as flexibility, scalability, and security – all equating to driving a quicker and better user experience for customers.

With 94% of workloads projected to be running in the cloud in 2021, the need for continuous, high-speed internet has never been more important for these companies. When the internet is down, so is business. Therefore, to support business continuity and zero downtime, wireless failover systems need to be in place that not only keeps applications running but at the speeds they need them to.

According to a study by Cisco & AppDynamics, the average loss of revenue from internet downtime can range from $8,580 to $75,608 per hour! Compare that with a Wireless failover solution, which could run at around $1k on the high end per year, the ROI is pretty evident.

Wireless 4G LTE / 5G Failover Solution

Wireless internet for failover, as opposed to wired, is more beneficial because it provides a diverse path to the internet and cannot be physically cut like wireline circuits. Examples include construction mishaps, traffic accidents, natural disasters, flooding, power outages, etc. Additionally, the time to set up a 4G LTE/5G failover solution happens within days instead of months.

As mentioned earlier, businesses need more advanced technology to keep their businesses up and running. In 2015, businesses used an average of 50 MB circuits. Today, organizations have access to 300 MB cable to 1GB+ speeds to power cloud applications, requiring a more robust failover solution in the event of an outage.

EPIC iO works with businesses that have varying internet usage needs and mission-critical applications, which means that internet speed and bandwidth for Failover solutions are unique to each company. To help meet each customer’s failover requirements, EPIC iO offers multiple advanced wireless technology solutions to deliver the best value.

Solutions range based on need, and the “Better” and “Best” packages include the best of both worlds—Ultra-fast 4G LTE-A and 5G speeds, where available. The “Best” package bonds wireless across multiple carriers, essentially offering unbreakable internet.

Ultra-fast Wireless—Beyond Failover

Additionally, we just announced 4G LTE-A and 5G-enabled equipment, which delivers scalable wireless capabilities beyond failover solutions. With our 5G hardware, download speeds can reach the promise of 5G’s blazing fast speeds where it is available. 4G LTE-A Pro, built into the 5G router, can deliver 600 Mbps download / 150 Mbps upload speeds.

EPIC iO customers also use wireless for primary and temporary connectivity. For example, pop-up retail, stores-within-a-store, and construction sites use temporary wireless for remote project sites or store launches. Also, medical professionals use our ultra-fast wireless for mobile healthcare due to high availability, real-time internet access to medical applications, the strongest signal strength due to multi-carrier diversity, and being HIPPA compliant.

Ultra-fast wireless internet is changing the game for many businesses and enterprise companies. Telecom tech advancements, in combination with emerging 5G capabilities, are not only advantageous as a failover system for wired connections, but it is quickly becoming a heavily utilized and trusted source of internet connectivity access.