Why have perimeter security?

Operating a manufacturing company, large retail store, energy company, campus, government facility, or even transportation hub requires a person to have constant knowledge of who is traveling into and outside the facility or area. You want to ensure that employees, guests, and products are safe on your premise. Also, you want to spot potential problems that could occur on the site perimeter.

What is Site Perimeter?

The site perimeter involves the exterior area of the building from the walls to the building’s property line. If there is an open site perimeter, anyone can enter the property at any hour of the day. This factor can create potential security risks. Some common security risks are vandalism and theft. However, other issues could occur may involve property damage, assault of employees or guests, and loitering.

Also, problems may occur with employees. From arguments to fights to theft of products, you want a way to monitor the site perimeter to protect everyone, your business operations, and your assets.

Risks of Traditional Perimeter Security

Perimeter security involves the use of trained security personnel and technology to keep the site perimeter secure. It allows you to view all areas of the perimeter at once with the use of videos, cameras, and sensors. This technology allows you to record evidence of a crime that has been committed, as well as allows you to spot warning signs that something may occur. You can track suspicious activity and perform de-escalation tactics to minimize risks and damages.

Business owners may ask whether just having a monitor and a security guard is good enough for site security. While it can protect your business if you take the time to place the monitors and cameras in the ideal locations to catch every angle, one issue is that security personnel can become desensitized to what they are watching on the monitors.

It is shown that people can have short attention spans when watching monitors after a certain amount of time. The average amount of time a person can focus on something is roughly 10-minute to 15-minute increments. Then a person’s attention begins to wander. The same occurs when having security personnel use perimeter monitors. After a time, they may look for other things to focus on and distract themselves with when very little activity is shown on the monitors. These distractions can cause the security person to miss possible theft, vandalism, damage, or injuries. Using smart perimeter security offers enhanced measures to ensure that the site it protected around the clock.

Benefits of Smart Perimeter security

Smart security relies on IoT sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and other real-time technology. It provides a virtual set of “electronic eyes” to also monitor the site perimeter, recording video and gathering data of everything happening within and outside your facilities. It can catch sight of potential issues and send alerts to notify security personnel of potential risks

At EPIC iO, we offer IoT and AI connectivity solutions for remote perimeter security. With our intelligent video surveillance system, DeepInsights services, AI visualizations, license plate recognition (LPR) technology, proximity sensors and other technology to provide proactive security measures for a greater level of safety. With AI and IoT technology, you avoid the short attention spans that can occur with security personnel.

You obtain a constant flow of data that is gathered and analyzed. Through the DeepInsights dashboard, you are able to view current and previous readings obtained from the security cameras and measures. This dashboard allows you to spot abnormalities and suspicious activity patterns so you can implement policies and measures to mitigate potential risks.

Our perimeter security can also include IoT sensors that include magnets and proximity detectors. These sensors offer additional data and security, tracking movements of everyone that enters the perimeter and where they go. These sensors can send alerts regarding unauthorized people entering restricted areas.

Additional smart security measures can include license plate recognition (LPR). This software creates data logs of license plate information for every vehicle that enters and exits the perimeter. If a suspicious or forbidden vehicle enters, the technology sends out an alert and records the instant in the logs so you can deny entry of the vehicle.

When you want to protect your facility and everyone who enters or exits the premise, having smarter security measures offers immense benefits. Here at EPIC IO, we are a leading provider of IoT and AI connectivity devices and software. We offer products such as AI video surveillance, LPR, IoT devices, and health monitoring services for your entire facility. Learn more by contacting us today.