Transforming Gyms in a Post-COVID World: The Role of EPIC iO AURA in Ensuring Safety and Cleanliness 

Like many other social spaces, gyms struggle to bring people back in after COVID-19 entered the world. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, coupled with local and federal mandates, caused many gyms to close their doors temporarily, some for several months. 

During the closures, some gyms tried to continue serving members by offering online classes and training sessions. Others implemented new safety measures, such as social distancing, mask requirements, increased cleaning and disinfection, and limited capacity, when they were allowed to reopen. 

Some gyms also invested in air filtration systems and other technologies to reduce the risk of transmission. But many germs are spread through surfaces, so air purification only addressed part of the problem. And EPIC iO AURA for autonomous room deodorization and disinfection plays a critical role in health and safety, as well as improving that all-too-familiar whiff that reminds them they’re back in the gym when they walk in the door. 

As gyms fight to attract membership, they are reinventing their image. It is an opportunity for those in this space to evolve and for new entrants to make working out safer than it once was. 

Gone are the sweaty dungeons with equipment packed in as tightly as possible. Open spaces, full of light and fresh air, are now what the newer gym across the street offers. They promise an environment where you can keep healthy without the smells and sweat we are accustomed to. Gyms that are at the forefront of this will have to develop new methods to maintain those healthy and attractive environments. 

This article tracks the transformation of gyms from the 1960s through covid. Membership is surprisingly above pre-covid as they convert from cramming equipment into “sweaty dungeons” to cramming in “more space” per person to do weights. The emphasis is clearly on space, equipment unavailable at home, and perception of cleanliness and safety.  

EPIC iO AURA disinfects all surfaces in a room, keeping a gym or fitness center safe and clean. Learn more about EPIC iO AURA and how you can minimize worry in your space.  

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