Smart Retail

Increased intelligence and safety of your retail through AI, IoT, and Connectivity.

EPIC iO’s Smart Retail is one of the most complete end-to-end AIoT solutions – from design to implementation and beyond.

Safer Retail

Increase efficiency and responsiveness – even detect and prevent security threats in real-time. Get evidence stored automatically for any security incident.

Connected Retail

Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses with 4G and prepare for 5G and beyond.

Smarter Retail

Gain real-time insights into your retail facilities and create smart environments. Learn how your data can create sustainable change through data-driven decision-making.

Our Solution

AI and IoT based analytics can change the way traditional businesses operate today by providing valuable insight. EPIC iO’s comprehensive suite of AI and IoT enabled solutions makes it possible to analyze large volumes of CCTV camera streams, combined with other IoT sensor data in real-time, to provide retailers with a competitive advantage.

IoT for Assets Management

Smart Retail

People Counting & Occupancy Management

Quantify in-store foot traffic. Monitor when your store is at maximum capacity. Identify traffic trends and analytics that can be used for improved store planning.

Queue Management & Customer Attrition

Queue counting technology offers real-time, in-store analysis to improve visitor flow in order to reduce wait times. Reduce handling time, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Wireless WAN as Primary Internet

Deploy flexible wireless circuits instead of wired cable or DSL. Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by dealing with one nationwide provider with access to diverse multi carrier connectivity.

Wifi for store hand-helds and guest access

Utilizing the latest equipment, we provide the fastest speeds and highest bandwidth available on all networks.

Pop-Up Retail and Kiosk Connectivity

Deploy pop-up stores and Kiosks quickly with reliable, always-on LTE. Multicarrier diversity with single point contact. National coverage.

Customer Demographics

Bring the rigor of online shopping statistics to inside your store. Know your customer. Segment customers to understand the changing demographics and purchasing preferences.

Temperature Screening

Manual temperature screenings at entrances can cause bottlenecks for shoppers at store entrances and take valuable human resources to man. Take contactless thermal readings of customers and employees and facilitate building occupancy management.

Heat Map

Increase Impulse Buys - Stock shelves more scientifically, using Heat Mapping to identify high traffic areas within your store

Smart Retail

Parking Lot & Occupancy Management

Provide accurate parking guidance to drivers arriving at your store. Automatically generate driver alerts at parking entrance when parking lots are full or provideactual number of spaces available with AI-driven technology and video monitoring.

Generator & Fuel Level Monitoring

Use voltage detection sensors to monitor your emergency generator’s status and fuel tank level monitors. So you know you are ready for an emergency - no guessing.

4G/5G Failover, Temporary & Primary Internet

4G/5G harnesses the power of robust, ubiquitous networks to give you lightning-fast wireless Internet connectivity no matter where your stores are located.

Secure Area Monitoring

Increase accuracy of video surveillance of critical areas in your store and on your property. Keep your customers and employees safe while protecting your investment.

Curbside Pick Up

Keep pickups moving minimize customer wait times and create a smooth and seamless customer experience.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

With LPR technology, information based on license plates can be quickly and efficiently flagged to law enforcement and investigative units for follow up.Identify stolen vehicles and capture infractions without tying up valuable man-power.

Success Stories

Automotive Industry


City of Riverbanks


Evolving State Agency Safety


Northwest Hospital


How it Works?

Edge Camera

Edge Sensors & Cameras

Connect existing cameras or new cameras to our edge compute device to automatically analyze video and IoT data. We provide a 200-plus IoT sensor catalog for you to monitor the health and safety of your environments.



Use AI and analytical tools to predict outcomes and trends. The platform allows you to create and change the rules to set up alerts and notifications. It is also, compatible with 3rd party AI and sensors for best-of-breed solutions.


Our customer-facing platform provides the end user with real-time alerts, video monitoring, and data visualization. The platform is fully containerized to allow for deployment at the edge, on-premise, or in the cloud.

IOT AI analytics

IoT & AI Analytics

Connect your existing or new cameras to our edge compute device to start gathering highly accurate AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights.

Solar Power


Our solutions include 4G LTE/5G connectivity to connect all devices into a single platform - plus easily manage, monitor, and scale all AIoT solutions.

Edge Computing


Deep learning-based AI and IoT data is being processed at the edge in a single end-to-end platform.


Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by combining AI and IoT in real-time in an open, extendable AIoT platform

End-to-End Solution

We have you covered from solution design and selection of edge AI and IoT sensors to installation and management to ongoing support.

AI + IoT + Connectivity

Select from 200+ types of IoT sensors and dozens of AI-based analytics, all running at the edge and powered by 4G LTE/5G connectivity in a single scalable platform.

Predictable Costs

Select from CapEx and OpEx models to suit your budgetary preferences, with the option for simple monthly fee.