EPIC iO SmartLock

The Most Cost-Effective Protection

The modern solution for a more secure, convenient access control system.

EPIC iO SmartLock Simply Works Where Others Can't

Immediately increase your asset protection with a rugged, off-grid, water and impact-resistant smart lock that tracks every entry.

Construction Sites

Maintenance Access

Event Security

School Safety

Critical Assets

Grant Access Remotely

No more wasting time getting to a location and waiting for others to show up just so you can let them in.
Individual trackable "key" per lock, per user
Custom permissions
Realtime entry/exit alerts

Centralize Control

Unify access management across all locations providing a single, comprehensive view to grant, edit, or revoke access, alert and track entry, all in real time.
Improves operational efficiency
Strengthens security protocols
Offers cost-effective flexibility

Continuous Lock Monitoring

Every time a lock is opened or closed you will be instantly notified. All access data logged and instantly viewable within dashboard.

User's name
GPS location
Continuous lock monitoring

A Simply Smart Solution

The ultimate padlock solution, rendering all others obsolete.

SmartLock_Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Eliminates the need for physical keys and unwarranted duplication, reducing costs while increasing security.

SmartLock_Maximun Accountability

Maximum Accountability

All access is tracked, including user’s name, GPS location and time accessed for maximum accountability.

SmartLock_Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Easily retrofit existing lock systems without the need for expensive hardware or equipment.

SmartLock_Seemless integration

Seamless Integration

Fully integrates with other EPIC iO security solutions so you can view all your sites on one platform.

SmartLock_Real time data

Real-Time Data

Comprehensive access logs allow you to track activity at your locations from anywhere at anytime.

SmartLock_Real time data

Exceptional Support

Personal service and support with 24/7 surveillance and monitoring available.

Flexible Access Control

Easily customize access to individuals or groups, offering both on-going or one-time access permission.


No Key Needed. Just Your Phone & Our App

All you need is your smart phone to unlock access. No more lost or forgotten keys or sharing "secret" combination codes.
EPIC's SmartLock app sends & receives signal
Bluetooth enables app to interact without internet
Avoid expensive re-keying

Weatherproof & Tamper-resistant

Designed for rugged, off-grid locations, this water-resistant, impact-resistant EPIC iO SmartLock immediately increases your asset protection.
AES 128-bit encryption
Operating temperature, -40°F to 165°F
Marine rated
Grade 4 CEN strength rated

Your Digitized Lockout/Tagout Solution

Whether standalone or part of a comprehensive security solution, EPIC iO's SmartLock significantly reduces the risk unauthorized access to your site and equipment preventing theft & vandalism.
Removes the need for an in-person guard
Individual trackable "key" per lock, per user
Easily integrates into our comprehensive SiteWatchTM security solution

Robust Security Dashboard 

Our web-based dashboard puts security at your fingertips even when locks are thousands of miles away.

EPIC iO SmartLock Dashboard Gives You the Power to:

  • IconsWeb_-(2)

    See all active locks

  • IconsWeb_-(3)

    View real-time lock activity

  • IconsWeb_-(5)

    Track lock GPS coordinates

  • IconsWeb_-(11)

    View lock user history

  • IconsWeb_-(4)

    See timestamps for lock activity

  • IconsWeb_-(10)

    Create users and groups

  • IconsWeb_-(1)

    Authorize and deauthorize users

  • IconsWeb_-(6)

    Customize access permissions

  • IconsWeb_-(7)

    Send access codes

  • IconsWeb_-(9)

    Issue single-use codes for one-yime access

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