SiteWatchTM Security Solutions

Unwavering Protection, Wherever Needed

Site security for any site, permanent or temporary, even in the most challenging conditions.

SiteWatchTM Security Solutions

Comprehensive, AI-Powered Security Solutions

Engineered to fortify the safety and integrity of your most critical assets and operations,
our solution sets the standard for uncompromising security excellence.​

SiteWatch_Video surveillance

Video Surveillance

SiteWatch_Hight quality camaras

High-Resolution Smart Cameras & Sensors


Autonomous Mobile & Fixed Surveillance Units


License Plate Recognition

SiteWatch_Do it yourself

Small Do-It-Yourself Devices

SiteWatch_LTE and Satellital connectivity

LTE and Satellite Network Connectivity

Mitigate Risk Early

Detect and Deter Threats in Real-Time

Proactively mitigate risks before they escalate.

Analyzes vast amount of data in real-time

Distinguishes between normal & abnormal behavior patterns

Operates autonomously 24/7

Rapidly deploys & scales easily


Multi-location. Multi-Asset Protection

Leave No Vulnerabilities Unaddressed

Gain real-time multi-site remote access to ensure every potential vulnerability is identified, analyzed and addressed.

Constant scanning for threats

Secure multiple locations

Protects all areas of operations

Monitors physical spaces, vehicles, people and environments


Single Source of Truth

Centralized Control

Oversee all locations from a single interface.

Simplifies management

Ensures consistent monitoring practices

Streamlines process & saves time

Improves response time

Increases efficiency while reducing costs

track vehicle

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Track Vehicle Data

Quickly identify and track vehicles entering or leaving the premise.

Detect or deters unauthorized access

Automate vehicle identification, save time and resources

Documents evidence for future investigations

track vehicle

Mobile & Fixed Surveillance Units

Remote Area Surveillance

Self-contained, portable surveillance units offer a flexible,
cost-effective solution for a wide range of environments and applications.

Equipped with various surveillance technologies: cameras, sensors & alarms

Provides immediate coverage without extensive set up

Eliminates need for permanent infrastructure

Easily moved by vehicle or forklift

SiteWatch Express point incluided-01

SiteWatchTM Edge UIG + Camera

Small, Do-It-Yourself Device

A complete security system housed in a convenient
lite-weight and portable package.

Compact & weighs less than 25lb

Kit comes ready to install

Solar, battery & wired powered options

Simply mount the unit & power up

Easy to move

SiteWatch Express point incluided-01

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