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Efficiently reduce onsite crime, loss, and safety breaches by transforming your passive video surveillance system into an active perimeter security system with real-time monitoring, analysis, and response at the edge, even at remote locations.

EPIC iO’s proprietary DeepInsights AI automatically analyzes video and IoT data from integrated cameras and sensors to analyze, alert and respond to threats in real-time.


Site Security to Remotely Protect Water Utility Facilities

Hypercritical public infrastructure, such as water utilities and hydroelectricity reservoirs, are subject to various vulnerabilities and threats, from bioterrorism and industrial accidents to extreme weather and injuries from misuse.

Tracking and identifying all approaching vehicles by LPR
Verifying the presence of people vs. false alarm wild animals, shadows, weather, and reflections
Recording, alerting, and responding to threats in real-time

While EPIC iO cannot prevent every threat, it can provide site stakeholders with recorded evidence, including video and license plates, to help law enforcement prosecute perpetrators.

Industrial scene with a modern waste water treatment plant

Site Security to Remotely Protect Retailers

Most retail establishments, from malls to big-box retailers, shut down late at night and remain largely unattended, making them vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other potential crimes on their property.

With EPIC iO Site Security, retailer security teams can remotely track and identify after-hours vehicles with LPR. Cameras and live video provide visuals to monitor loitering and analyze real-time behavior. All intrusive events are automatically recorded in real-time. Events populate security dashboards in real-time. Stakeholders receive SMS and emails. And deterring audio is delivered remotely in real-time to mitigate further malfeasance. IoT sensors track and monitor safety issues ranging from floods to gas leaks.

Site Security to Remotely Protect Manufacturers

Manufacturing facilities are vulnerable to various threats, from raw material sabotage and goods theft to health and safety incidents.
By leveraging the AI of DeepInsights, EPIC iO can help facilities and operations managers bring peace of mind to manufacturing operations by remotely monitoring all parts of an operation, from logistics to manufacturing.

With constant monitoring of vulnerable points of operation, cameras and video at the edge can analyze footage in real-time using DeepInsights to identify suspicious movements or behavior while identifying all vehicles by LPR. IoT sensors can concurrently monitor safety concerns, from flooding and gas leaks to unsecured entrances. By delivering incident alerts in real-time to dashboards, SMS, and emails, managers can take action immediately with audio messaging through onsite speakers.

Site Security to Remotely Protect Park and Recreation Centers

The more remote a park, the more challenging the security, especially after hours. Yet, Park and Rec centers can be hotspots for crime, from vandalism to theft.

Efficiently protect these community treasures from damage and loss without the need for 24/7 onsite security. Leverage DeepInsights, propriety AI from EPIC iO that constantly monitors video surveillance cameras to identify suspicious behavior at the edge, then immediately alerting stakeholders to the situation via dashboard, SMS, and/or email. Unauthorized vehicles are scanned and recorded with LPR. EPIC iO sends deterrence audio messages in real-time to mitigate further damage. IoT sensors offer health and safety protection by monitoring and reporting real-time flooding, gas leaks, and unsecured doors and fencing.

DeepInsights at Work

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High-resolution cameras pointed to restricted and areas of concern

IoT Sensors

“Internet of Things” sensors that detect and respond to specific changes in an environment to provide early alerts to health and safety concerns.

Solar Trailer

Power source that taps natural resources to enable remote security placement. Connects via 4G/LTE/5G

- IS-Set Iconos-web-2019_analytics-01
Universal IoT Gateway

Ruggedized edge compute gateway (UiG) with AI hardware acceleration

- IS-Set Iconos-solar_power_source-01
AI Software

EPIC iO AI Software for loitering, trespassing, and license plate recognition, plus DeepInsights for visualization, search, and video management


Voice down loudspeaker and microphone for real-time intervention audio

Are you ready to discover how EPIC iO can efficiently reduce your onsite crime, loss, and safety breaches?

Is it time to explore what it would take to transform your passive video surveillance system into an active perimeter security system with real-time monitoring, analysis, and response at the edge, even at remote locations?
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