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Protected by Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge of Understanding what Happens Behind Closed Doors without Invading Client Privacy

Spa owners are in the business of offering an array of rejuvenating health and wellness services provided by well-trained and skilled staff. A professional and safe space for rejuvenation is key to building a reputable brand with a growing customer base.
However, one of the common risks to spa businesses is the potential of sexual assault on clients, massage therapists, or other staff members. But implementing solutions that protect the client’s privacy and provide effective monitoring of potentially harmful activity is an ongoing challenge for spa owners.
The spa industry is challenged with finding a solution that
  • Strongly deters or eliminates sexual misconduct
  • Goes beyond written policies and procedures to assure that clients and employees are always safe
  • Provides peace of mind that the spa is safe from human behavior risk
  • Protects client privacy at all times

EPIC iO Safe Spa Technology

The spa industry's best defense against human behavior liability

Using the power of AI and Intelligent Infrared sensors, EPIC iO’s SAFE SPA solution detects inappropriate touch in spa environments. It provides real-time alerts to spa management the moment an incident occurs so that immediate action can be taken to prevent an incident of sexual misconduct.
Ensure a Secure Spa Environment
EPIC iO technology gives spa owners confidence that they are protecting clients, employees, and their brands from human behavior risk so they can focus on what they do best—improving the health and wellness of their patrons.

Safe Spa Solution Highlights

Legally Compliant
Complies with the current U.S. legal framework for spas.

No Audio or Video Recording
Using infrared technology to detect movement, clients are assured privacy.

Powerful Criminal Deterrent
Safe Spa technology is a deterrent for potential offenders.

Elevate Your Brand 
Gain industry credibility with the best-in-class prevention program.

Reduced Costs

Save on legal settlement, litigation, and incident mitigation costs.

Real-time Alerts
Receive detection notices of incidents in real-time to take immediate action.

Sleek Design. Powerful Technology.

  • Intelligent reporting showing session activity transcripts and animated digital renderings
  • Integrates with most major POS systems
  • Virtually updated to increase accuracy
  • Customizable to operate according to spa owners’ unique environment
  • Easy after-hours installation
Blends in with other room devices, similar to a smoke detecter.

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