Safer Solutions

Safe Environments Reimagined

Transform passive video surveillance into an active perimeter security system with real-time monitoring, analysis, and response at the edge, even with remote locations. Bring to life “all the senses” detecting suspicious human or environmental activities.​

Keeping People, Properties, and Physical Assets Safe

EPIC iO helps you protect people, property, and physical assets from actions and events that could cause damage, loss, or even lives.

Detects threats
Proactively deters events
Expedites response time
Smart real time alerts
Paints a vivid picture
Stores records

Comprehensive. Modular. Scalable.

Delivering remote security solutions for safer environments everywhere.

Area and Perimeter Monitoring

Restricted areas and badge scanner

Indoor and outdoor area surveillance

Detect, prevent, deter, and alert

(physical threats and equipment failures)

Intersection and Roadway Safety

Traffic and pedestrian analysis​

License plate recognition​

Road construction safety​

Crosswalk safety

Illegal parking and stalled vehicles

Near miss and wrong-way drivers​

People Counting

Entrance and exits

Queue lengths

Heat maps

Regulatory compliance

Evacuation assistance

Patient Safety

Fall and posture detection

Automated patient sitter

Environment monitoring and disinfection

Cold storage monitoring

Leak Detection and Monitoring

Water, gas, air, and soil quality

Pressure monitoring


Pump activity

Garbage Detection

Dumpster levels

Illegal dumping

Food Safety


Foodborne illnesses

Room and container disinfection

Cold storage monitoring

Fire Detection

Early detection​

Indoor and outdoor​

Inception and progression analysis​

Automate "fire mode"

Vape Detection



Public spaces

Sensor Circle

What Sets EPIC iO Apart

Centralizes management of all safety devices and smart services, increasing efficiency and sustainability.

Open and interoperable platform

Uniquely combines sensors with high-resolution smart cameras

Remote, real-time monitoring, and alert notification

Northwest Medical Center

"EPIC iO's IoT solution has already generated a significant ROI and we are continuing to look at how we can leverage IoT in other aspects of our hospital operations.”

— Director of Technology, North West Hospital and Medical Center

Site Security

Sharper Vision, Wider Reach.

Safeguard any area with high-resolution smart cameras and sensors for 24/7 safety, detect suspicious behaviors or defective operations, immediately alert authorities and deter threats.

Protect from sabotage and theft
Detect and prevent health and safety issues
Avoid serious injuries
Monitor remotely from a single hub
Play Video
License Plate Recognition Animation

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Crime Prevention Through Vehicle Data

Captures suspicious or 'hot listed" vehicle data efficiently; aiding law enforcement with vital intel to prevent, halt, or provide strong evidence against crime. Easily managed at any scale.

Automatically captures license plates

AI extracts plates, vehicle make, model, and color details

Compare plate to law enforcement's databases

Alerts officers and dispatcher within seconds

Smarter decision making

Safer, Smarter Communities

Tackle Complexities of Large Public Spaces Head On

Place advanced video analytics, sensors and speakers on light poles throughout the community to detect and prevent security threats and maintenance needs 24/7.

Simplifies infrastructure management

Reduces operational and maintenance costs

Creates sustainable change via data-driven decision making

Deploys at the edge, on-premise, or in the cloud

Stadium filled with a crowd of people

Environmental Monitoring

Efficient Monitoring for Safer Environments

Remotely monitor, measure, and manage air quality, site capacity, and equipment to detect failures or exposure risks avoiding expensive onsite visits. Applications range from:

Energy systems and agricultural

Water and waste management

Oil and gas operations

Environmental remediation projects

Air direction and velocity

Temperature and humidity

Fire Detection

Harness advanced surveillance technology and thermal cameras to provide invaluable insights into the inception and progression of fires offering firefighters a tactical advantage.

Early detection

Receive detailed intel en-route

Automate system's "fire-mode"

Play Video

Vape Detection

Unlike some competitors, EPIC iO's advance sensors distinguish nicotine from THC residue and provide time-stamped visual evidence, ideal for high-risk areas, with instant alerts to authorities for swift response and historical tracking for investigations.

Differentiates between nicotine and THC
Maintains a historical log
Identifies trends, patterns, and recurring offenses
Keeps faculty, staff, students, and others safe

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