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Ultra-fast 4G/5G supports AIoT solutions for smart transit

Public Transportation


Gain a better understanding of what marrying lightning-fast wireless connectivity and AIoT solutions can do for your smart transit needs. EPIC iO offers the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity options to power innovative technologies that grow your business and revenue stream.


Many community members rely on public transportation to get where they need to go. Wireless plays a critical role not only in providing continuous, quick internet access to riders. Having internet enables them to stream music/videos, search the web, check email. It also powers critical solutions that help streamline operations such as bus route management, alert on potential delays, asset tracking, and maintenance needs.

Public Transportation
Children getting on the schoolbus


The installation of high-speed network connectivity is critical for education. For several reasons, students are having trouble completing work at home. School districts are beginning to incorporate wireless connectivity on school buses to give students extra time to and from school to use Wi-Fi to complete homework. Additionally, Wi-Fi-enabled buses can be used to track buses to give administrators and parents real-time information on the location of their children.


The powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT (AIoT) allows transportation managers to:

Understand and react to their environment in real-time
Bolster safety measures for pedestrians and drivers
Increase traffic flow and management
Provide community-wide access to information.

Real-time analytics provide transportation managers with actionable data to more quickly adopt next-level services and solutions that directly impact their roles and responsibilities.

Uses Cases


Remote Survellance

Cooper Theft Monitoring

Ice Road Detection

Wrong Lane

Street Illegal Parking Detection

Bus Station / Bus Stop WiFi Mass Transit Public WiFi

Mass Transit GPS / Diagnostics

Bus Station / Bus Stop WiFi Mass Transit Public WiFi

Video Monitoring

Capture and document activities throughout your community with video stored at the edge.

Bus Station / Bus Stop WiFi Mass Transit Public WiFi

Jay Walking

Smart Flashing Signs

Smart Flashing Signs

Stalled Vehicle


Frequently asked questions

EPIC iO provides unique cloud-managed solutions that are designed for zero-touch deployment and can be configured and managed from a single remote location. So that you don’t need a large team (or any team at all) to effectively manage your failover solution.

EPIC iO provides management tools to monitor usage and prevent overages. Additionally, the Cradlepoint routers that we provide offer redundancy that keep the network running and enable remote troubleshooting, with no truck roll.

With our failover solution, you can use “pooled” data plans from carriers that smooth unpredictable data use. We offer a range of data management tools and alerting that prevent overages and enable confidence in avoiding overages.

With easy-to-install “overlay” failover, our solution enables an IP pass-through with the ability to convert broadband to ethernet.

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